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MTL Beauty Buzz for March 2022 Featuring PYOR

MTL Beauty Buzz for March 2022 Featuring PYOR

MTL Beauty Buzz for March 2022 Featuring PYOR 5

Beauty Buzz No 1 featuring our Staff Fave for March 2022: PYOR

Welcome to Beauty Buzz, I’m Jackie, makeup lover, skincare aficionado and beauty guru. My goal is to help you navigate the vast world of beauty, highlight some great products, give tips, and showcase local and international brands that have caught my eye.

Let’s dig into what’s going on the world of beauty now.

Cleansers to polish your canvas

Now anyone remotely familiar with beauty has likely heard of the importance of having a fresh canvas to work on. In the case of beauty, your canvas is your skin. Skin that is properly washed and prepped makes such a difference, whether you are going for a natural look or wishing to paint your mug for the beauty gods!

The most important step in a daily routine is quite possibly the cleanser and recently I was lucky enough to discover 2 cleansers that really impressed me.

PYOR, 4-Step Hydrate Kit – tested by BKM creatives: Jaques, Jackie & Foxylee.

The first brand I want to introduce you all to is a local brand called Pyor, they have a small collection of products that I tried, and I have fallen head over heels for the Facial Cleanser (43$ at www.pyorskin). The Foaming Cleanser by Pyor is gentle, delicate, and refreshing, it helps to clean the skin without leaving it feeling stripped or raw. Just 1 pump, provides a full-face-worth of foaming too! I have been loving the cleanser renaissance we have been living in, gone are the harsh cleansers of the past, a fresh breath of modernity.

The second brand is a drugstore, beauty staple, Marcelle Cosmetics, their Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel (15$ available at Jean Coutu and Pharmaprix) is a creamy, gentle gel like texture that removes dirt and makeup, it leaves the skin supple and soft, well hydrated and is nonirritating and is fragrance free. It also has a very small percentage of salicylic acid, which is very beneficial for maintaining a clear complexion.

Inclusive Black Owned Beauty here in Montreal.

Have you heard or tried of V Kosmetiks? ( ) A local company started by 2 incredible women; Vickie Joseph and Marie G. Saintellemy, who came together to launch their own company in 2017 , to help women reflect their inner beauty and be true to themselves.

The lack of visibility for the black community and other people of color within the beauty industry really pushed these women to create an upscale, inclusive brand with a wide variety of skin shades to suit every skin color. To give each woman the tools she needs to express her own sense of self and beauty.

Vcosmetik Color Corrector Pallette Deep

The company offers a wide variety of products, professional discounts for makeup artists and has a great, easy to navigate website as well.

Though I haven’t yet tried the products, I spotted several colors and shades that caught my eye, and I am adding this company to my wish list…

Holiday Resort Anyone?

Beauty Buzz
Estate Cosmetics, Resort Palette

Last year, I discovered Estate Cosmetics, a local makeup brand with a lot of punch and heart. They feature beautiful colors, one of the best liquid eyeliners I have ever tried in my long career in makeup and their highlighters are so lit, they glow on the skin.

They recently launched their newest eye palette, Resort Pigment Palette ( 32 $ at and it has incredible pigmentation and a beautiful assortment of shades with a good mix of textures; some colors more ideal for day and a few hot vibrant surprises to make any eye pop. The texture is powdery creamy and highly pigmented, at this price, this palette is a steal and you’re supporting a local business with a very bright future!

Estate Cosmetics is quickly becoming a staple in my makeup kit, and you should check them out!

Don’t be afraid of a little filler or botox

These days, the pressure for maintaining a youthful appearance is tremendous. Whether your career demands that you look 10 years younger or your ego, no one should judge your choice to look as youthful as can be. Unless your quest to freeze time, is killing your self-esteem or bank account- indulge in what makes you feel your best! I have succumbed for a while now and I must say that it makes the perfect little difference. The treatments I have received over the years, have returned the volume to my once full lips, and eased the lines of worry across my forehead and brow. People can be quite judgemental when it comes to cosmetic enhancements, and when they start serving judge Judy, I remind them that every child who got braces, got a cosmetic procedure and no one judges them.

Beauty Buzz
Access Medica is one of BKM’s Trusted Clinics!

My good friends at Access Medica ( in Kirkland, always have the answer for me, they specialize in various lasers and neuromodulators and fillers, their specialists, kind staff and resident doctor are all very knowledgeable and friendly, and they do a wonderful follow service.

With Spring around the corner and social gatherings looming closer on the horizon, shave off some  years of pandemic fear we’ve all lived through recently, see yourself refreshed again, trust me, it’s a life changer and we only live once, why not put your best face forward! The world may not be able to go back to 2018, but your skin can.

Tip of the day

Soap, it’s still a basic, we need to wash our hands multiple times a day and our bodies, moving into our warmer months, showers also become ways of cooling oneself and the ritual of cleansing is an important one.

So many people use ordinary, harsh types of soaps that can be quite drying. Therefore I recommend 7 Deadly Soaps (  A line of hand crafted, artisanal soaps from Montreal. Each soap has its own name and unique fragrance and is made with some of the most emollient and nourishing oils for the skin.  The line also features solid hair shampoo bars, fragranced oils, an exfoliant and my favorite face balm ever, Extrème Onction 32$ at
MTL Beauty Buzz for March 2022 Featuring PYOR 6

Recently they just launched a new soap Incantation (17$ at featuring an intoxicating combination of a mixture of Quebec’s Balsam Fir and Virginia Cedars, perfect for a refreshing shower or luxurious bath. With free rapid shipping on all orders over 45$, why not try a few different bars and see which best suits your mood or personality. (To note, our featured blog header image is: face balm Extrème Onction).

On that note, wash up, get fresh, make yourself up as you see it and love yourself!

Stay beautiful. Check out our latest beauty buzz for April here!


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