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Beauty Buzz | 6 Grooming Gifts for Him

Beauty Buzz | 6 Grooming Gifts for Him

Beauty Buzz | 6 Grooming Gifts for Him 1

Beauty Buzz presents six grooming gifts for him; a selection of newer and tested products that will enhance the grooming experience for any man.

I hope that this selection of grooming essentials from various local and international brands will help to ease shave burns , soothe skins and deeply hydrate the skin, and they will hopefully entice seductive adventures with the experiences they procure.

There is nothing more impressive than a man that is meticulous in his presentation, hygiene, and self-care, though some men may view any form of vanity as a loss of masculinity, I see it as an attention to detail and putting the best version of yourself forward.

Many more men than ever before are seeing, seeking and appreciating the benefits of good grooming care and a disciplined skincare routine.

Gone are the days of needing to dip into your partner’s cosmetic jars to give your skin some relief, there are many companies out there, catering to men’s various needs for skincare, shaving and grooming .

So, whether you are shopping for your father, friend, family member or colleague, or yourself, here are some great suggestions for all men.

Give the Gift of Science!

The progresses in laser technologies and neuro modulators, have greatly advanced the capacity for science to correct and enhance the skin; allowing us to brighten complexions, rebuild collagen to help to plump out the skin, diminish wrinkles, soften, and smooth texture, reduce the appearance of soft lines and deeper facial grooves, caused by expressions, worry and stress.

There is no shortage of possibilities when it comes to improving the appearance of your skin, in more permanent and semi-permanent ways.

A perfect beginner treatment is the Genesis laser, it’s a great instant complexion booster that requires no down time and rebuilds collagen in the skin and helps to replenish lost moisture. This treatment lasts for thirty days, the laser is directed into the deeper layers of the skin and heats up the skin from within, which stimulates the production of collagen; one of the building blocks for healthy, vibrant, and supple skin.

My favorite clinic in Montreal that offers the incredible Genesis laser is Access Medica, they have multiple treatments available for men, depending on the nature of the concern; whether it be a lack of firmness, dark spots or uneven complexion , enlarged pores, broken capillaries or veins on the face, deep or light grooves in the skin.

Access Medica has affordable options for you and will offer you a discount if you mention you were referred by Best Kept MTL. This discount cannot be added to any current discount in effect, however.

Beauty Buzz | 6 Grooming Gifts for Him 2
The premiere salon for all your skin’s concerns! Photo courtesy of Access Medica.

One of the most damaging things for your skin is over exposure to the sun, which, in many cases, causes most premature aging of the skin, this darkening of our skin is also putting us at risk of sun damage, which typically shows itself as discoloration, commonly called sunspots, which can lead to melanomas and even cancers of the skin.

So not only will over exposure to the sun cause your skin to age quicker and discolor, but it can also potentially be hazardous to your health.

In my opinion, caring for the skin is universal and lifestyle inevitably brings exposure to the elements and a little bit of help is always welcome to ease or erase the signs of time.

You can trust in the knowledge of the science of medical skin enhancement and benefit from the best science can offer to enhance your appearance and be the best version of yourself, regardless of your age.

I cannot recommend Access Medica enough, everyone I know who has gone has enjoyed the treatments, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable and highly professional, I always feel that I am in safe hands, even when I am trying a new procedure on my face.

Soothing Shaving Products He’ll Love!!

Shaving is a classic part of grooming and most men either use shaving techniques regularly or infrequently, however one thing remains continuous, the growth of facial hair on men; so whether you keep your facial hair trim, short, fuzzy, long, or non-existent, at some point we all participate in this classic technique.

I have had misadventures and mistakes in shaving and have used many different shaving products over the years from various brands. I can now say that I have found my favorite shaving options from CW Beggs and Sons, and my skin feels not only smoother when shaven, the process is completely pain-free.

CW Beggs and Sons have been making cosmetic products for over a hundred and forty years, and their expertise shows. The efficiency of their products, their high performance, never cease to impress me and the shaving options I have for you today are performant and protective of the skin at the same time.

The first shaving product is the Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream, this thick, soothing, shaving cream, comes in a squeeze-friendly tube. The Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream is incredibly hydrating as it soothes the skin, the Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream is also numbing and it helps to diminish the feel of razor burn or an discomfort during shaving.

Beauty Buzz | 6 Grooming Gifts for Him 3
A perfect cream to shave the skin with! Photo courtesy of CW Beggs and Sons.

The Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream by CW Beggs and Sons has a formula that features Shea Butter, known for its hydrating properties and is enriched with Tasmanian Berry, known for its soothing properties.

The Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream is fragrance and paraben free, hypoallergenic, and recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA). This makes it a perfect shaving option for any man who prefers to shave with a cream product.

Many men, including myself, prefer a foam option for shaving, as foam is a less heavy texture and tends to begin dissolving in contact with water, this allows for the shaving tool to be less challenging to rinse off during the shaving process.

The Sensitive Skin Shaving Foam by CW Beggs and Sons is my favorite shaving product of all-time, for several reasons.

Beauty Buzz | 6 Grooming Gifts for Him 4
A foamy shaver that is a life saver! Photo courtesy of CW Beggs and Sons.

Firstly, like the previous cream option mentioned previously, the Sensitive Skin Shaving Foam has the same ingredients of Tasmanian Berry and Shea Butter, for soothing and hydrating properties, it also features Aloe Vera, which has additional healing properties for the skin.

Secondly the Sensitive Skin Shaving Foam is lightweight on the skin, spreads easily on the skin and stays in place on the skin, whether the skin is damp or dry. It is additionally anti-irritating and protects the skin as you shave it, an incredibly well formulated shaving foam that outperforms every single other foam I have ever tried, thus far.

Regardless of whether your man prefers a foam, or a cream, CW Beggs and Sons have indispensable options, that will ease any razor discomfort in short order, a wonderful and always appreciated gift for any man!

Soothing the Skin, Post-Shave

An essential step for many men is the after-shave lotion or tonic, now this category of product has greatly changed over the years, as we learn more about the science behind the skin and maintaining its best health, after-shaving products have turned from being less astringent and more soothing.

Shaving has the skin on the face has the additional benefit of being a razor exfoliation of the outermost layer of your epidermis, which means that the skin is very fresh and, in some parts, even a bit raw, which is a big part of the reasoning behind treating the skin with more soothing ingredients yet again versus harsh, chemical, or highly-fragrant products that can irritate or even damage the skin.

Pravi Natural Cosmetics make some of the best organic-grade, eco-certified skincare products I have ever tried, I gave them a highly deserved introduction here, should you want to know more about their full range of products.

The Aftershave Gel by Pravi Natural Cosmetics is one of the best after shaving products I have yet to try; the lightweight gel texture is hydrating and instantly soothing to the skin once applied, it dries and is absorbed quickly, leaving the skin with a fresh and minty feel on the skin.

Beauty Buzz | 6 Grooming Gifts for Him 5
Goodbye irritation, smooth skin, post shave! Photo courtesy of Pravi Natural Cosmetics.

The Aftershave Gel by Pravi Natural Cosmetics features such incredibly soothing ingredients, such as Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Menthol, Lavandula Spica Flower Oil and Mentha Piperita Oil. All the ingredients they use are certified by Quebec Vrai, this is a product that is locally made with heart and soul and true concern for your skin.

Fast Shower Friendly Products

Pravi Natural Cosmetics also has a wonderful suggestion for any man that is looking to keep his shower experience minimal, fragrance-free, and ecologically certified.

The Body and Hair Soap is unscented and made with incredible ingredients that are soothing and nourishing for the skin and the hair, making this a perfect product to bring on the go to the gym, or for anyone who prefers simple cleansing that is fragrance-free and less irritating for the skin.

Beauty Buzz | 6 Grooming Gifts for Him 6
One soap to cleanse, soothe and wash the hair and body. Photo courtesy of Pravi Natural Cosmetics

The Body and Hair Soap by Pravi Natural Cosmetics is made with Oat Milk, which has such incredible nourishing and soothing properties for the skin, it is an unbelievable ingredient for the skin and the hair.

The Body and Hair Soap is gentle and friendly and a great option to stay clean during the summer months and throughout the year.

 Excellence in Skincare for Him

Now I will not feel right unless I mention the importance of using a daily moisturizer, not only does doing so help to hydrate and exfoliate the skin, but it also encourages the skin’s natural processes and ensures that the skin is retaining enough hydration to function properly and at peak efficiency, allowing such natural processes, such as healing, to happen naturally.

Once again CW Beggs and Sons have multiple options for men, however I was very impressed by the following moisturizer, their Regenerating Moisturizer for Mature Skin.

Beauty Buzz | 6 Grooming Gifts for Him 7
A moisturizer for men that works wonders for more mature skins. Photo courtesy of CW Beggs and Sons.

The Regenerating Moisturizer for Mature Skin from CW Beggs and Sons is a highly performant formula that contains Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol, Oat Kernel Extract, Caffeine, Shea Butter, and more ingredients to create a truly deeply moisturizing formula that fights the signs of aging and hydrates to the deeper layers of the skin.

The Regenerating Moisturizer for Mature Skin comes in a sharply designed jar and is a fine gift for any mature man in your life.

From Your Heart to His

Choosing a gift for the important men in your life is easier that you might have thought, self-care is rather self-evident and who does not appreciate a well-groomed and stylish man.

Spoil the men in your life with a little self-pampering and care, not only will it enhance their sense of worth and self-esteem, but it will also upgrade and improve their appearance and more importantly, the health of your man’s skin.

A little vanity goes a long way and some much needed personal time, can make grooming rituals pleasant, comfortable, and beneficial for the skin.

Regardless of whether the man you are buying for is adept with self-care or not, everyone deserves a helpful nudge in the right direction with self-care, it not only improves our sense of personal value, but it also increases our well-being and who doesn’t want to stay beautiful?

Trust me, even men do!

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