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Concert Season | A Beginner’s Guide

Concert Season | A Beginner’s Guide

Concert Season | A Beginner's Guide 5

Things to Know Before Attending your First Concert

Growing up in a suburban town, concert interest hit early within my peers as they all boasted about a Hannah Montana concert they had just gotten back from in grade 6. I remember one of the girls spoke fondly of her experience while wearing the shirt she had picked up the night before. That was the first and only time I ever heard of people going to concerts.

Having never really been raised to seek out live music, it wasn’t until a handful of tickets were offered by chance that would land me at the King Princess concert May 24th, 2019 at the Corona Theatre downtown. To preface; I have been following King Princess on Instagram since November 2018 and hadn’t heard any of her music all the way through until the day of the concert. Having no idea what to expect, I went into the night with the hopes to “fall in love” with my experience, the music and of course…..her. 

As I sit here wearing the merch I found myself obligated to purchase, my formal review; A personal experience for all!

Let me break it down for you:

I had a great time making dumb decisions that one can only back up with “I’m sorry, it’s my first ever concert”. From talking to security guards, the band members and self-proclaiming myself as the biggest fan of the night, something happens when you commit to the chaos of performance. I got home with my head in the clouds, feeling floaty while reminiscing on the night and recognized the differences in everyone’s experience. How you go into the night reveals what you’ll be able to get out of it… From one beginner to the next, I’ve collected some insight into how to survive Montreal’s music life this concert season & make memories you’ll never forget!

Tips & Tricks to Surviving this Summer’s Concert Season

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No Expectations

Whether or not you know the artist you are going to their show! You are there to enjoy the experience of the night. Not what you know of them, but what you’re experiencing at the moment. You may have song requests or make remarks similar to; “if they don’t play this I’ll …” but let the artist put meaning behind their songs! They may be “performing” for you, but in the end, it’s about sharing their music and connecting with everyone. 


Listen to what’s being said! The interactions with the crowds, the jokes being made. The artist you are swooning over is just as much a person as you are, standing in front of the audience deserving of a genuine response. To listen to a joke all the way through is the only way you’re gonna actually be able to laugh. No one needs in-genuine interaction & mAN is it much more fulfilling to get a real gage of a personality vs performer.

Pay Attention

Not to those around you but by the environment. The vibes. How the band interacts. You’re watching a bunch of friends have fun preforming together & isn’t that so cool! They’re doing what they love & are so tired but still ! Fucking ! There ! Chaos is imminent. Might as well call attention to it and thrive through its notions. Your Instagram stories can wait— but this moment cannot.

Be Unapologetic

This is your concert that you’re apart of just as much as anyone else. Go hard on your dance moves! If you’re feeling it, you’re feeling it & WoW is that ever powerful! Buy that expensive merch shirt! Let your self feel powerfully powerless and be taken up by your experiences. You’ll never be there again so might as well do whatever you do!

Enjoy Your Time with the Artist!

This will be one of the only opportunities you’ll get to be given something so very personal to the experience of the night with the artist! No one but you and those few hundreds/ thousands of people are experiencing a thing in that very moment & even then, everyone will experience it slightly differently! Everyone will have a different form of relationship with that artist & will only grow within the shared time you get to experience together. Be grateful. But don’t forget; they are people too! Just talented ones at that.

Have FUN

Smoke a joint in the audience because that’s funny and no one is being hurt by your stupidity (at least that’s what I tell myself). Talk to the security to find out the post-concert location of the artist! Share a joint with the band! While legal, it’s still illegal to smoke in public spaces so this should probably not be encouraged.

Treat people with respect. Everyone is just trying to have a good time and no one is more deserving than the next. Do what you do and get what you want but commit to having a fun time first! Everything else will be a bonus.


As for my formal review of concerts? Live music is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. I’m sure most people are very much already aware of this but mAN do I have some years to make up for! Hoping Miley can commit to her Hannah Montana bit and do another tour to add to my Summer 2019 of firsts… Here’s to a summer of new experiences & new music! Catch ya later MTL…



As a Bonus: here is a group photo behind Corona Theatre as I unapologetically committed to being their number 1 fan! No regrets because life’s all about being extra & learning huh.. (Some say she’s vaping, I’m going with checking me out)  ¯\_()_/¯

 xoxo Yonnika


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A memorable concert for Best Kept Montreal was the line-up and frrrreezing temperatures at Igoofest.

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