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5 Reasons I LOVE Les Aguicheuses Lingerie by Angie Larocque

5 Reasons I LOVE Les Aguicheuses Lingerie by Angie Larocque

5 Reasons I LOVE Les Aguicheuses Lingerie by Angie Larocque 1

There are actually many more than just 5 Reasons I LOVE Les Aguicheuses lingerie by Montreal Fashion Designer Angie Larocque.  Stay with me to the end for all the reasons that I know you will love Les Aguicheuses lingerie right along with me.

Les aguicheuses lingerie made in Canda
Coquettish, elegant and sexy but “No Time For Romance” in the words of designer Angie Larocque

I believe … I know that fashion begins from the inside, it’s not just the finished look that everyone sees that counts. The feeling of beautiful lingerie against our skin while complimenting our curves makes for an inner confidence that we carry in our physical presence. This is one of the reasons why I am so passionate about Les Aguicheuses lingerie designed by the multi-talented Angie Larocque. Her designs are exquisitely executed in luxurious eco-responsible fabrics with a retro flair that sets this fashionista’s heart on fire! Beyond sexy, Les Aguicheuses which translates to ‘The Teasers’ as in seduction is designed to embrace EVERYbody as the only Montreal brand that produces retro inspired lingerie for plus sizes. 

Les Aguicheuses lingerie designed and made in Canada by Angie Larocque
Designer Angie Larocque

Angie Larocque’s highly anticipated line of lingerie, Les Aguicheuses is officially launching just in time for the holidays on Tuesday, December 6th 2022. Les Aguicheuses lingerie is made in Canada by a Canadian actress who has added designer to her long list of awe inspiring accomplishments.

Angie’s enchanting debut collection is available online in sizes ranging from XS to 2X; it includes pyjamas and lavish night gowns in organza, satin and transparent veil fabrics inspired by the old school glamour Hollywood actresses of the 50s as well as ultra sexy, ultra sultry high-cut panties that highlight our curves in all the right places.

“The biggest mistake is giving up,” says Montreal fashion designer Angie Larocque. This incredible multi-faceted creative follows her inspirations with abandon. She embraces the universe of fashion with passion; is self-taught and completely guided by her limitless vision. Her highly imaginative creative self is delightfully demonstrated in all of her designs, making make-believe into a real life wearable dream come true. Beyond designing these beautiful pieces of wearable art, Angie is an accomplished actress. She has appeared in the film Overboard with Eva Longoria, the Date my dad series with Raquel Welch and most recently, in “Une Autre Histoire” alongside Marina Orsini. Angie is also a DJ and studied business law, marketing and communications. 

Les aguicheuses lingerie made in Canada
Les aguicheuses lingerie ????? ???????? ?? ?? ???? ????

While sexy has no limits Les Aguicheuses lingerie does have one limit.

The number of pieces available for each design. This is not for exclusivity as Les Aguicheuses lingerie is intentionally inclusive. The number of each piece manufactured is kept small in order to make a big impact on being a part of sustainable fashion. It’s easy to love this lingerie solely based on it’s beauty and I do, but it’s more than ‘just’ love! Supporting Les Aguicheuses lingerie is a brand I’m passionate about because it makes me feel good mind, body and soul. I love a designer with a conscience, I think we all should and that as a community it is our responsibility to come together and purchase with intention.

Les Aguicheuses lingerie designed and made in Canada
Les Aguicheuses lingerie ??????? -?????? ???? ?????

Here are the 5 reasons I will be a Les Aguicheuses lingerie woman for life!

  1. It’s sublime!
  2. Embraces all bodies in sizes XS – 2X
  3. Eco-friendly fabrics
  4. Designed by a Montreal fashion designer and made in Canada
  5. Small runs of each design
5 Reasons I LOVE Les Aguicheuses Lingerie by Angie Larocque 2
Les aguicheuses ????? ???????? by Angie Larcoque

And just one more reason to love Les Aguicheuses lingerie before I go.

Beyond bedroom wear. Satin pyjamas are not just for the bedroom, at least not for us out-of-the-box fashionistas. These satin pyjamas are perfection paired with a sexy strappy sandal or classic pointed pump stiletto which are the ultimate in highlighting the feather detail at the bottom of the pants. This look is elegant with just the right amount of sexy for those of us who aren’t afraid to make a bold statement entrance at a party or a high-end event.

You can discover and shop Angie Larocque’s latest creations on and don’t forget to connect on Instagram: les_aguicheuses!

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