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5 Alternatives to hangers!

5 Alternatives to hangers!

Alternatives to hangers

Fear not messy apparel masses! Great alternatives to hangers are a THING.

I have always hated clothing hangers. Even when I was a teenager and got into organizing my vast wardrobe by color, I still resented using hangers.

It’s not because it takes so much time to hang up clothing-it’s because it’s annoying to do so. Clothing often slips off, the hangers need to be pointed in the right direction and also hooking them on just seems like a jarring step vs a smooth one. When I say “hangers” I am referring to the metal, plastic or wooden ones that come with a hook that go on a rail. Then I started thinking, there is a reason why people tend to drape their clothing over a door or chair…

I had originally done this blog years ago – but since it gained so much traction, I thought it was only fair to give it an update with my latest finds for “alternatives to hangers”.

When searching the internet, I discovered that many people share my distaste for traditional clothing hangers and found a few pretty cool alternatives. Here are some reasons why people are NOPE to hangers:

Many people find hangers annoying for several reasons:
  1. Space Consumption: Hangers can take up a lot of space in the closet, making it difficult to fit all clothing items comfortably.
  2. Clothes Slipping Off: Some hangers, especially those made of smooth materials like plastic or metal, can cause clothes to slip off, leading to wrinkles or clutter on the closet floor.
  3. Shoulder Bumps: Regular hangers can leave unsightly bumps on the shoulders of shirts and sweaters, which can be difficult to remove and affect the garment’s appearance.
  4. Incompatibility with Certain Clothes: Not all clothing items, such as knitwear or delicate fabrics, are suitable for hanging as they can stretch or get damaged.
  5. Tangling and Clutter: Hangers can get tangled with each other, making it frustrating to remove a single item without causing a mess. This can be particularly annoying in crowded or poorly organized closets.

Awesome Alternatives to hangers, you may have not thought of!

1.  Piano Hanger By far this is my favorite alternative. You can use many hooks for different needs from shoes to hats to jeans to shirts and if guests come and you wish to declutter, you can put your clothes away and push back all the wooden slats!

2. Chrome S-hooks Can get at Ikea for hanging various things by the label or jean loop. Gives your space an industry re-purposed feel. You can totes get these at any home hardware store too for like nothing.

3. SKUBB Canvas vertical hangers also from IKEA and they have ones for shoes too. These are practical but kinda fugly. They will give the space a “student” look. I love that they sort of look like stacked purses from a minimal gypsy.

4. Shelving cubes Def the most style if your clothing is minimal and girly. Not ideal for dress shirts – but great for everything else. If you go the cube route, Wayfair has a ton… what is great about cubes is that you can decide to store anything in them should you go with another alternative.

5. DIY This concept is not practical but nice for the trendy do-it-yourselfer someone with a small condo and few haute couture items that they wish to display.  A minimal hipster who has 7 undies, 2 pairs of jeans, suspenders and an annoying Fedora needs this branch and can likely make it themselves. I realize this uses hangers typically, but it’s still a unique space saving and highly un-practical madness I can appreciate.

Not convinced that life can be a dream with alternatives to hangers? At least check out the latest in modern no-slip hangers over at our friends Houzz!

I hope that was helpful…. but NOT Overly Helpful! 

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