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5 Reasons Hotel Playa Pesquero is a CUBA Fave!

5 Reasons Hotel Playa Pesquero is a CUBA Fave!

5 Reasons Hotel Playa Pesquero is a CUBA Fave! 1

Nestled in the heart of Holguin’s picturesque landscapes:

Hotel Playa Pesquero emerges as a beacon of luxury and comfort for travelers seeking a blend of relaxation and modern amenities.

I broke up the review in 5 catefgories so you can skip to the ones you like. My entire trip, taxes included was $898 for this All-Inclusive gem!

Hotel Playa Pesquero - Review 2024
Welcome to Hotel playa Pesquero! The endless swimming pool is great, albeit shallow..

When you work in Digital Media, you need to stay connected. Sometimes even on vacation. Recently, I took a much needed vacation off-the-grid, but I did test out connectivity so that I could decide if Hotel Playa Pesquero was a suitable all-inclusive resort for Digital nomads and those who want affordable and reliable internet access.
Rare was the unlimited nature. You get 18 hours at a time and then just had to refill when necessary.

Hotel Playa Pesquero - Review 2024
The WIFI used to be a paid service at Hotel Playa Pesquero, but it is FREE now!

La Playa!
Ahh the beach! And isn’t that why we came? One of the highlights of the beach experience is the sense of space and tranquility it offers. Even when the hotel is at full capacity, the beach is spacious enough to give everyone their own slice of paradise.. What is lovely about the Hotel Playa Pesquero beach is that it’s the perfect depth at around 8 or 9 feet for quite some time! The sands are soft and white, and besides a few pretty tropical fish, we don’t really have to worry about jelly fish or tiger sharks.

Hotel Playa Pesquero - Review 2024 - Playa Pesquero beach
You know how often the photo of the resort, doesn’t match the resort? Well this time it did! Postcard perfect white sands and turquoise sea…

The rooms
The Cabanas are great. Mine was on the second floor with a nice balcony and a beautiful palm tree in my view. The room was clean and I love a bidet! The mattresses could have been a bit comfier but I slept well. My only complaint is how far the cabanas are from the buffet, given that the coffee machine in the room was terrible. As someone who has a coffee first thing when I wake up, it was a bit of a headache to walk my sun stroked ass to the resto area every morning. The upside was the forced excersise to walk both the beach, all restos and the lobby.

The food
I found the food unsatisfactory in terms of variety (with understanding the country I was in). And the service at the buffet was very bad. I had to wave and holler down coffee, water and cutlery! The restos were o.k. I don’t have much to compare them to because I have only been to Cuba once before in 2008.

Sunwing Excursions
So complicated lol. You had to use your CC. Book online. The booking itself was complex. Everything good was sold out all the time from people booking like before they even arrived…

Hotel Playa Pesquero - Holguin
The soft, white sands are a delight to walk on, and the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea invite guests for a swim, snorkel, or just a leisurely dip.

I would overall strongly recommend this resort, as well as the 2 friends who joined me. One of them has done many resorts and this is her all-time-fave for beach! It’s been a loooong time since I reviewed a hotel!


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