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Water.Sync Exhibit | An Artistic Odyssey at L’Idylle Arts Vivants

Water.Sync Exhibit | An Artistic Odyssey at L’Idylle Arts Vivants

Water.Sync Exhibit | An Artistic Odyssey at L'Idylle Arts Vivants 1

Water.Sync exhibit: Embark on a Sensory Voyage at L’Idylle Arts Vivants 

Amidst the clamour of the city lies an oasis of art and message – the renowned L’Idylle arts vivants. The gallery opens its doors to an intersection of visual art and video immersive exhibition that beckons the soul to ponder on the vital essence of water, the ‘or bleu.’

Mark your calendars for an enchanting evening at the Maison de la culture Janine-Sutto, where the opening reception will be graced by the presence of the featured artists. Join us on November 9th, from 5 PM to 8 PM, for an opportunity to mingle with the creators behind the masterpieces.

Water.Sync exhibit will unfold its wonders from the opening night until January 7, 2024. To RSVP the event, please visit This is an experience designed to inspire, connect, and captivate.

Water.Sync Exhibit | An Artistic Odyssey at L'Idylle Arts Vivants 2
WATER.sync presents performative pieces exploring themes from plastic pollution and climate surges to the looming scarcity of drinking water and the sensory beauty of aquatic landscapes.

Artistic Alchemy with a Cause

Conceived by a cluster of creatives like Alex Côté, Ertra, Arico, and more, this artistic assemblage fuses diverse aesthetics into a stirring sensory experience. Through the synergy of Amélia Hadouchi’s evocative creations and Zoé Boivin’s ethereal imaginings, the exhibition becomes a fluid mosaic of reflection and urgency.

Curator Alex Côté orchestrates a symphony of pieces that together sing of the beauty and crisis of water. This confluence of art and advocacy vibrates with a message that pierces through the canvas and screen, spilling into the conscience of the beholder.

Water.Sync Exhibit | An Artistic Odyssey at L'Idylle Arts Vivants 3
Merging visual art, immersive video and mixed media, L’Idylle arts vivants invites the public to a sensorial encounter with water.

Immersive Encounters

L’Idylle transforms into a realm where every corner unfolds a chapter of our intricate bond with water. The exhibition dares you to engage with tactile installations and enveloping video narratives, crafting an atmosphere where the ripple of a wave or the stillness of a pond is not just seen, but felt.

A Ripple of Awareness

The art here is more than an aesthetic journey; it’s a potent call to awareness. It confronts the pressing issue of water conservation and pollution head-on, inspiring action through the powerful medium of art. Every piece serves as a call to recognize our critical role in safeguarding this precious resource.

Water.Sync Exhibit | An Artistic Odyssey at L'Idylle Arts Vivants 4
Bringing together a host of artists and aesthetics, this exhibition offers a poignant experience where the global water crisis becomes as tangible as it is alarming.

Gratitude to Patrons

This transformative event owes its realization to the support of the Conseil des arts de Montréal en tournée, whose commitment to the arts amplifies this vital conversation on water conservation.

The Exhibition’s Legacy

“Mariant art visuel et immersion vidéo” transcends the conventional art exhibit, molding it into a voyage of sensory and environmental discovery. It leaves a lasting resonance, urging every visitor to become a custodian of our planet’s ‘or bleu.’

As L’Idylle arts vivants invites you to this multisensory rendezvous, prepare to be transformed. This exhibit isn’t just an artistic showcase; it’s a catalyst for change. Let the language of water, through the vision of these artists, shape your understanding and actions toward the world’s most precious commodity.

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