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Tzatzi-qui | Unearth a Greek Oasis in Montreal’s Urban Jungle

Tzatzi-qui | Unearth a Greek Oasis in Montreal’s Urban Jungle

Tzatzi-qui | Unearth a Greek Oasis in Montreal’s Urban Jungle 1

Ensconced in the historied heart of Old Montreal, Tzatzi-qui is not merely a restaurant—it’s an escapade. The moment you meander onto its “Mykanos Villa white”  wooden terrace, you’re instantaneously spirited away to a halcyon, beachfront hideaway. The chill music pervades the surroundings, beckoning you to decelerate, decompress, and delight in the panoply of unique tastes that Tzatzi-qui extols…

Tzatzi-qui, in old montreal - greek restaurant
Top 3 dips: Classic Tzaziki, garlic potato, feta with traditional herbs!

A great chat with the Chef revealled that Tzatzi-qui takes particular pride in its decadently rich dips, notable for their rugged, hearty texture.

Each mouthful promises a gastronomic rhapsody that titillates the palate. Hefty nuggets of garlic meld with crumbles of robust feta and herbs, orchestrating a cacophony of textures that border on hedonistic. Every dip of the herby olive oil ladden pita triangles feels a little bit naughtily gourmande when combining with the hearty dips.

Tzaziqui, in old montreal - greek restaurant
The Tzatzi-qui “Jersey shore fries” are inside each pita! And can be ordered as a side.

The fries at Tzatzi-qui merit a special mention!

Procured from a specially-curated supplier, these fries, cut extra thick, should receive a culinary award for extreme crispiness with zero batter!  With exteriors that boast the perfect crunch and fluffy interiors, I will go as far to say that they are Old Montreal’s most perfect steak-cut fries…

Tzaziqui, in old montreal - greek restaurant
This is very good date and share food! Also excellent picnic food take-out as it travels well and they have great take out boxes.

Tzatzi-qui’s menu is an exercise in sophistication through simplicity. Its array of delectable dishes, designed to be shared, caters to an extensive range of palates and preferences. With its affordability, it establishes itself as an idyllic destination for familial feasts or convivial gatherings. The alluring diversity ensures that whether you seek a substantial repast or a light accompaniment to your drinks, Tzaziqui satiates and surprises in equal measure.

Tzaziqui, in old montreal - greek restaurant
Tzatzi-qui has all the classics like Aperol spritz and espresso martinis, and many customer mixology wonders!

Nestled in a picturesque nook of Old Montreal, Tzatzi-qui offers enchanting vistas of verdant trees and lush foliage. The tranquility of the location adroitly enhances the restaurant’s relaxed, beachy vibe, contributing to an unparalleled dining experience and making it a great date night.  Despite its urban jungle location, Tzaziqui offers a serene gastronomic journey, a rarity in the bustling cityscape… To note, for EXTRA tranquility, go on a weekday lunch or night vs weekend when tourists are driving around more.

To encapsulate, here’s what you ought to know about Tzatzi-qui!

Location: 351 Pl. d’Youville, Montréal, QC H2Y 2B7
Opening Hours: Opening hours: From Monday to Sunday 11:30 am to 11:00 pm
Instagram: @tzaziquimtl
Special Highlights: Beach-inspired outdoor wooden terrace, rustic dips, and exceptional thick-cut fries sourced from a specialty supplier.

Different resto, same owners – flutter your wings off to Le Butterfly for a fancier more carnivorous trip…

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