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Handmade Masks from Montreal | Top 15 Stylish Staff picks for your protection!

Handmade Masks from Montreal | Top 15 Stylish Staff picks for your protection!

Handmade Masks from Montreal | Top 15 Stylish Staff picks for your protection! 1

Masks make a fashion statement. So many to choose from. Here are Best Kept MTL’s top 15 handmade masks from Montreal! (shipping Canada wide).

Now that face masks have become a staple in wardrobes around the world, we can shop around for the ones with the best fit to our aesthetic.

On the home front, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 Montreal clothing designers have taken artisanal mask-making to new levels, pitching in to help meet the increasing demand. They are honing their masks with a greater focus on comfort incorporating features like nose clips, tie backs for comfort and experimenting with various prints and shapes.

In our unpredictable world, where battling the elements is an everyday concern, Iet’s face it together: Presenting Best Kept MTL’s staff picks from its favourite local designers and their signature touch!


1- Manik Fashion

handmade masks from Montreal
Hand painted, personalized Rainbow mask by Manik Fashion

The stylized, hand painted rainbow symbolizes resilience during a time of crisis providing comfort and manifesting happiness with its radiant colours. A stand out work of art which will not go unnoticed!  

The personalized masks are a Manik Fashion and Nemrac collaboration which can be personalized with a logo or design starting at $30. Adjustable with additional protection and a soft shell containing rayon polyester and a cotton mix layer on the inside.

Available in many colours in men, women, and children sizes. Washable by machine, available in 7-10 days. Non medical grade. Place your order by emailing or private message facebook/manikfashion.


2- MAD MASKS by Carol Ribeiro

handmade masks from Montreal

No music gatherings this summer? Caroline Ribeiro’s MAD MASK collection is your consolation prize as you will  still be able to rock out 6 feet apart from friends with a hand-sewn mask made of leather, cotton and vinyl with zippers, studs or chain decoration.

Elastic string at the ears. Handmade unisex fabric face masks with the fabric ones washable. Rare find – there’s only 1 available per model in stock! Ready to dispatch in 1-2 days. Non medical grade. Custom designed masks are $25 and can be ordered on Etsy here.


3- maDuchesse

handmade masks from Montreal
MOSS denim mask by maDuchesse

Presenting the MOSS face mask specially designed to offer comfort with flair. The stand-out design stays in place with a gentle elastic, providing a snugger, gapless fit. The protective masque is washable, can safely and effectively be reused. Whether at work, out on the town, or somewhere in between the comfortable and chic maDuchesse collection goes a long way.

2 Ply fabrics, 98% Cotton/ 2% Spandex et 100% cotton lining with an N 95 filter pouch. The nose and elastic are adjustable. Washable/ Reusable/ Comfortable. Comes in men/women/children sizes. 100% Locally made. Starting at $24, order yours here


4- 88 Queen St.

handmade masks from Montreal
88 Rock-it COVID Masks

Rock a recycled fabric, each one unique and crafted with LOVE. You cannot choose designs as they are one of a kind and fly out as soon as they are made, although you may specify your preferences when ordering and they’ll do their best to have your preferential model/size sent to you.

A wire is also found at top of nose to pinch for snug fit. Recycled fabrics vary, THEY ARE CLEAN and carefully chosen. Order 1 here for $17.95! Free shipping with orders of $100+. The masks provide good basic protection but are not FDA and Health Canada compliant. Not for medical use.


5- adore mask

handmade masks from Montreal
Unique cloth mask designed for women with a filter pocket

There are 3 layers to the mask: soft cotton twill + non woven interlining + poly cotton designed to fit perfectly. The elastics are positioned behind the head to ensure better adjustment based on your morphology (3 sizes) . Pre-order your hand-make mask with interior pocket to insert a Health Canada compliant mask on the interior.

No custom made models available. Easily washable with luke warm water and no abrasive soap after each usage. More details on models and orders here.


6- Alice et Simone

Handmade Masks from Montreal | Top 15 Stylish Staff picks for your protection! 2
Many reversible, handmade masks to choose from. All sizes available at Alice et Simone

Alice et Simone finely embroidered, protective masks are made in Quebec and have 3 layers: 2 of cotton, one of poly cotton. They come in different sizes, reversible and can be washed / tumble dried. durable. Complimentary protection recommended as they are not Health Canada compliant. However it does create a barrier against spittle inside and outside the mask. To view collection and purchases click here.


7- Jennifer Glasgow Design

handmade masks from Montreal
Mile End fashion designer Jennifer Glasgow, with Dan Lacroix, wearing creations from General 54

The ethical, and timeless style of Jennifer Glasgow using ends of rolls of textiles from her collections of the past few years to produce these signature style masks. Made from cotton they come in three sizes and include a sleeve to add your own filter.

Many styles to pick from in various patterns, colours and sizes from children to x-large masks. $20 each and can be ordered here. At this point, delays are 4-7 days for shipment.

8- ALLasleep

handmade masks from Montreal
ALLasleep perfectly suited for work or essential outings

Hygienic mask with interior pocket to insert a Health Canada compliant mask on the interior. They are water resistant and composed of 98% Polyester / 2% Spandex. ALLasleep has created a washable hygienic mask that can be used for work or essential outings. It prevents you from touching your mouth and nose. In order to maximize its effectiveness, the mask must be combined with good hygiene.

Each order includes 2 filters. They can be washed, without softener and reused but can’t be put in the dryer. It is recommended to change the filter after 4 hours or after each outing. Purchase here for $14.95.

9- Annie 50

handmade masks from Montreal
Lining fabric from viscose cellulosic fibres and a triple layer of cotton

Founded by Amélie Gingras-Rioux and Annie Chagnon, they have combined retro and modernity in their mask collection. With the outer layer varying from one model to another all masks have a double layer of viscose and a triple one of cotton.

The eclectic Annie 50 collection offers partial complementary protection but they prevent transmission from asymptomatic people to those who are more vulnerable. Before the first use and between each use, wash your mask with warm water. Many different models and size available. Get yours here for $20.


10- Pinkmuchacha

handmade masks from Montreal
Masque à plis en coton couvrant du nez au menton. Femme , taille unique.

Breath easy with the Quebec made, double layered protective masks by Pinkmuchacha as they are 100% cotton. An extra filter can be added from the bottom and a wire is also found at top of nose to pinch for perfect adjustment. The elastics are positioned behind the head based on your morphology.

Some models are reversible. One size fits all for women. Wash, by hand with luke warm water and let it dry suspended (can go in the washer at lower temperature).

*2$ is donated to la fondation Le Phare enfants et familles from each mask sold.


11- Créations Demoiselle

handmade masks from Montreal
Unique Apocalyptic Rebel Model by Créations Demoiselle

Renown for their funky, personalized style these hand made protective masks were carefully crafted by Créations Demoiselle. The protective masks are made with recycle fabrics, manufactured and produced in Quebec.

Models come in various sizes, are reusable and some reversible.The assembly and seams were made by sewing machine. As my items are handmade, with their beauty making up for some minor imperfections. Returns accepted. Exceptions may apply. Price ranges from $10-25. View the styles and descriptions here.

12- Éditions de robes

handmade masks from Montreal
Acqua flower mask made to match ones overall look

Made in Montreal protective masks with a sleeve to add your own filter and a adjustable, metallic wired for a comfortable fit around the nose area. Assembled with 3 layers: exterior 64% Triacetate, 36% Polyester, interior double lining 100% Italian cotton. Many models available for $26 here.

Free delivery for orders of $100 or more. One size fits all. At this point, delays are 5-10 days for shipment.



Handmade Masks from Montreal | Top 15 Stylish Staff picks for your protection! 3
Denis Gagnon’s haut de gamme protective masks crafted in Montreal
 Denis Gagnon didn’t want to make masks initially and then realized he would have to wear one! So he made one for himself and then for his employees. “They’re more haut de gamme,” Gagnon said. “We can’t reinvent the wheel, they’re protective masks. It’s all in the conception and the finishing.”His contemporary collection was recently launched with styles ranging from a black velour model to red and black triacetate ones, and starkly funky, glitter-adorned masks.

The protective masks come in small and medium sizes, are adjustable at the nose, and have an extra elastic under the chin. A wire is also found at top of nose to pinch for perfect adjustment. Hand or machine washable, starting at $29.99 and can be purchased here.


14- PONY

handmade masks from Montreal
PONY mask collection includes Nuages
White fluffy clouds depict stability, inner consciousness and goals in your life. What we all wish for in the near future.
The Made in Montreal masks created by fashion designer PONY are double layered poly interlock, highly extensible. Thermally treated (100% Polyester). Resistant, washable mask can endure many washes. Non medical grade. Starting at $18 (on sale). Models and orders placed here.
Order 2 to of the same model/size, the 3rd mask will donated to a charitable organization. 

15- Miljours Studio

handmade masks from Montreal
Miljours masks collection come in olive, champagne, black and navy

If you’re looking for something minimalist look no further. The locally designed face mask can be delivered in 5 to 7 days or available for pick-up at their store. It is made with 2 layers of 100% cotton. Easy to wear, washable and breathable. Non medical grade. However there is an interior pocket to insert a filter. Help protect others.

Please note all mask collections selected by Best Kept MTL cannot prevent you from contracting a virus since they are not adapted to a medical context. It is not effective to only wear a mask. Proper hygiene can help reduce the risk of contracting or transmitting infection. Also consider these preventative measures:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
    • Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available
  • When coughing or sneezing:
    • Cough or sneeze into a tissue or the bend of your arm, not your hand
    • Dispose of any tissues you have used as soon as possible in a lined waste basket and wash your hands afterwards
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands
  • Clean high-touch surfaces frequently with regular household cleaners or diluted bleach (1 part bleach to 9 parts water)

Click here for information on non-medical masks and face-coverings brought to you by the Canadian public health services agency.

Discover how Canadian fashion and beauty brands are making adjustments here to finding solutions to soften the blow from the pandemic COVID-19.

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