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M for Montreal 2023 | Discover the Top 10 Emerging Acts Lighting Up This Year’s Festival

M for Montreal 2023 | Discover the Top 10 Emerging Acts Lighting Up This Year’s Festival

M for Montreal 2023 | Discover the Top 10 Emerging Acts Lighting Up This Year's Festival 1

M for Montreal 2023: A Melodic Mosaic of Emerging Talent

Montreal’s vibrant music scene is set to pulsate with the return of the M for Montreal festival, proudly sponsored by SiriusXM. From November 15 to 18, the city will become a dynamic showcase for a diverse array of musical talents during the festival’s latest edition.

The City as a Stage

Over 16 renowned venues across Montreal, including the likes of Foufounes Électriques, Club Soda, Fairmount Theatre, and MTelus, are gearing up to host an impressive array of performances. With 34 shows scheduled over four days, the festival will transform Montreal into an expansive canvas of musical expression.

Headliners: A Blend of Styles and Sounds

This year’s lineup is a testament to the festival’s commitment to diversity and innovation. More than 90 emerging acts from local, national, and international backgrounds will grace the stages, offering a fresh and exciting look into the future of music.

Headliners like Boy Golden, Mattmac, LaF, and Choses Sauvages offer a glimpse into the wide spectrum of music that will be on display. They will be joined by other notable acts such as VioleTT Pi, Robert Robert, Philippe Brach, and Banx & Ranx, each bringing their unique style to the forefront of this musical celebration. Having given each artist a whirl, in order of performance date, here’s our TOP 10:

Elliot Maginot

Théâtre Plaza, Wednesday 15 Nov 21:40

Elliot Maginot has emerged as a standout talent in the indie music world, acclaimed for his critically lauded album “Young/Old/Everything.In.Between” and captivating live performances. His evocative songwriting and haunting melodies have not only garnered a dedicated fanbase but have also led to successful tours across Canada and Europe.

Boy Golden

Ausgang Plaza 15 nov. 22:15

Boy Golden has swiftly carved a niche in the music industry with his debut album “Church of Better Daze,” a collection celebrated for its unique blend of country, rock, and psychedelic sounds. This breakthrough has not only earned him a growing fanbase but also critical acclaim, marking him as an exciting new voice in the contemporary music landscape.

Choses Sauvages

Les Foufounes électriques 16 nov. 23:00

Choses Sauvages gained recognition for their performances at major international festivals like Reeperbahn, MaMA, FIMPRO, and SXSW, and for selling out Montreal’s MTelus venue. Their debut album, released in 2018, was nominated for ‘Album of the Year – Alternative’ at the Gala de l’ADISQ 2019.

Winona Forever

Quai des Brumes 16 nov. 15:40

Winona Forever achieved considerable success with their debut EP “Yacht Rock,” garnering significant media attention and a devoted fanbase. They have played numerous live sessions on radio shows, been featured in various publications, and performed extensively in the underground music scene. Additionally, their evolving musical style, transitioning from a cleaner, poppier sound to one that is heavier and more rhythm-focused, demonstrates their artistic growth and versatility​.

Thierry Larose

Café Cléopâtre 17 Nov 19:30

Thierry Larose has made significant strides in his music career, with his album “Cantalou” released in 2021 being longlisted for the 2021 Polaris Music Prize. Additionally, he, along with collaborators Alexandre Martel and Charles-Antoine Olivier, won the 2021 SOCAN Songwriting Prize for their single “Les amants de Pompéi”. Following up on this success, his second album “Sprint!” released in 2023 was also longlisted for the 2023 Polaris Music Prize.

Sorry Girls

L’Escogriffe 17 nov. 22:00

Sorry Girls, a Canadian indie electro-pop band, have made a significant impact with their unique blend of retro and modern sounds. Their second album “Bravo!” showcases their talent and versatility, blending dreamy synth-pop with indie rock influences. This album has solidified their position in the indie music scene, featuring catchy tracks and introspective themes, and is a testament to their growing prominence in the genre



Ragers, influenced by the early 2000s pop-punk wave, have evolved their sound by blending elements of hip-hop and electronic music. Their upcoming ten-track LP “Missed Calls from Home” demonstrates their mastery in creating infectious hooks and strong riffs, marking a significant stride in their musical journey.

Tango Golf Tango

Diving Bell Social Club 18 nov. 19:30

Tango Golf Tango, known for their unique and evocative sound, is poised to make a significant impact with their upcoming album “Dark Tropical Express.” Set to be unveiled at M for Montreal, this album symbolizes a bold artistic leap, combining introspective themes with a slightly psychedelic sonic palette, marking an exciting new chapter in the band’s creative journey.

Milk & Bone

La Sala Rossa 18 nov. 21:30

Milk & Bone, the renowned Montreal-based electropop duo, has achieved over 75 million streams of their music since their debut, showcasing their growing influence. Their latest album, “Chrysalism,” released in October 2022, marks a significant evolution in their sound, blending emotive vocals, melodic guitar riffs, and innovative synthesizer use. This album is a reflection of their continued artistic growth and ability to redefine ethereal pop

Cartel Madras

La Sala Rossa 18 nov. 21:30

Cartel Madras, a Canadian hip hop duo, gained acclaim with their 2018 debut “Project Goonda Part 1: Trapistan.” Their rapid rise continued with the 2019 EP “Age of the Goonda” and the 2021 album “The Serpent & The Tiger.” Notably, their single “WORKING” was recognized as one of CBC Music’s most underrated Canadian songs of 2020, showcasing their growing impact in the music industry​

Our bonus! Ouri

Théâtre Fairmount 18 nov. 22:00

Ouri, a Guyanese-born Canadian musician, has garnered acclaim with her unique blend of orchestral and electronic music. Her debut album “Frame of a Fauna,” released in 2021, was longlisted for the 2022 Polaris Music Prize. She has also released notable EPs like “Superficial” in 2017 and “We Share Our Blood” in 2019, and collaborated on the project Hildegard, showcasing her diverse musical talents​​.

Making Music Accessible

In line with its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, M for Montreal’s MARATHON festival pass is set at an affordable $100, providing access to all concerts. This pricing strategy not only appeals to a wide range of music fans but also underscores the festival’s dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive musical environment.

Additionally, individual show tickets are available, offering flexibility and ensuring that everyone can enjoy the musical offerings based on their own preferences and schedules. For more details and ticket purchases, visit the official M for Montreal website.

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