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Skincare Lockdown Guide HINT | Your Skin Likes Isolation

Skincare Lockdown Guide HINT | Your Skin Likes Isolation

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Skincare Lockdown Guide

Lockdowns have not been easy, in fact, they have made most of us go around the bend, feel like we’re a step away from losing it altogether; and then we realize it’s only Tuesday!

We are also constantly confronted by our own reflection, as the endless zoom meetings and face time calls, to keep in touch with friends, family, and coworkers. Disconnected and yet connected, one thing is certain; never have we had to see our own face so often and deal with our own insecurities about how we look and appear to others. In the not so long ago past, rarely would a human disrupt your cubicle or be able to notice that emerging fine forehead line under the bright neon glare. Fast FWD to the pandemic 20s’ and that line is the STAR of your video calls, up-close and personal!

Skincare Lockdown Guide - Skin likes isolation - skincare
I should have slept more for my big zoom meeting! – Skincare Lockdown Guide

Many of us are also finding that our skin is reacting negatively to all of the mask usages, with many adults suffering from adult acne; caused by the friction and bacteria that builds upon the mask, as it rubs on our skin during the day. Products containing high concentrations of tea tree oil are ideal for such an issue, personally, I am a big fan of the Dr.Jart+ Teatreement moisturizer available at Sephora or through the application.

However, the one thing many of us have in abundance is more time, though, I agree, motivation might be lacking to get yourself to do a home workout (which I highly recommend as well) but a little bit of self-care can go a long way if you’re willing to take the time for it.

Skincare Lockdown Guide - Skin likes isolation - skincare
Bevi l’Aqua – Skincare Lockdown Guide

Since many people are working from home, it means fewer commute times, there is extra time in your day for yourself to develop a little beauty, self-care ritual, a little self-love for yourself to start and end your day. It’s the perfect moment to invest in yourself and approve some much-needed vanity time. As winter approaches and the time, we have, in sunlight diminishes; we have a golden opportunity to begin taking better care of our skins.

Being indoors in heated environments means that your skin will be exposed to dehydration and will lack the elasticity it normally has when you are living in the more humid months. This is the time to begin experimenting with anti-aging products, try the retinol products, pull out the masks, and layer them on and generally experiment with your face. One of the easiest ways to keep yourself hydrated from the inside is by drinking water, there is a reason that it is recommended we drink several glasses of water, it keeps your system in tune and keeps your body hydrated, greatly impacting the appearance of your skin.

Skincare Lockdown Guide - Skin likes isolation - skincare
Keep it simple. What’s important is a few scientifically proven age-defying ingredients, not fancy packaging, fragrances, and fillers… Skincare Lockdown Guide

For those of you who are complete neophytes, the steps are basic: cleanse, treat, moisturize, and sunscreen during the day, yes even on grey days you need sunscreen. Repeat at night without the sunscreen.

With regular application and continued efficiency, you will be amazed at how easily you can transform your skin, if your skin seems dull, you’ll be happy seeing your skin shine again with life. If your skin is oilier, you can help to regulate the excess oils by using the right moisturizer.

Now your skin is like yourself, unique. Your skin may fall in love with a specific product or brand, you may find that anything with a specific ingredient makes your skin react in a positive or negative way. You will need to experiment to find the right product for you, your skin’s needs fit in your budget and work with your lifestyle.

I will give you a few basic guidelines to start:

1- Avoid fragrances and essential oils in products where you can. Many companies will add fragrance or essential oils to add a sensory experience, and some people may react to fragrances in a negative manner. The reality is many of these types of ingredients can cause skin reactions, so if you think that your product is causing a reaction, look to see if there is a fragrance in it. Some companies even make fragrance free options to help their clients with more sensitive skin.

2- Enjoy the products. If the routine is boring to you or you are not enjoying the products, keep searching with all the myriad possibilities as a beauty shopper these days, there is no reason you should not enjoy every step of the process, from the cleansing to the actual moisturizing of the skin. Also, your skin should thank you for cleansing and treating it.

If your skin feels too tight or oily, if it burns when you apply a product, these are all red flags. Discontinue usage and rinse away immediately; skincare should not be a painful experience, it is meant to be a soothing one. If you’re not feeling refreshed, there is something missing or wrong with your routine.

3- Use your money wisely. Do not fall for gimmicks or overpriced products, there are plenty of affordable brands that do just as well, if not better than the more expensive products out there.

4- I would also encourage you to investigate the company itself. Make sure that the company’s values are in line with your own. I love trying a new skincare product, I get a little less jazzed up if I learn that the product was tested on an animal or is contributing in a major way to pollute the planet.

5– And lastly, give it time. Your skin renews itself on a cycle of roughly 28-30 days, to really benefit from a product, you will want to test it out for a minimum of several months to be able to do a comparison. Take before and after pictures, track your progress, and see the results.

I have learned many things when it comes to the skin and yes, I probably have more knowledge and experience in treating and caring for it. However, it really all boils down to one little thing—love your skin, and love yourself.

So, give your skin some loving starting today, your skin will reward you for it and we can all use a little more self care these days.

BTW, if you want to make sure your bath is a skincare-Jacques-approved, 7 Deadly Soaps is one of my self-care-staples for a relaxing bath during my skincare lockdown routine!

Stay beautiful!

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