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The Flâneur Way’s SENSE Kit Giveaway!

The Flâneur Way’s SENSE Kit Giveaway!

The Flâneur Way

In an era dominated by digital screens, The Flâneur Way Sense Kit emerges as a beacon of tactile and sensory rediscovery. A gentle reminder of the profound beauty found in the simplicity of sensory experiences. This meticulously curated collection serves not just as an assortment of items but as a passport to rediscovery—of our senses, the natural world, our inner selves, and the preciousness of the present moment. 

As we navigate through the aftermath of a global pandemic marked by disconnection, the SENSE Kits souvenirs, offer a tangible path to reconnection through sensory stimulation. SKIP TO SENSE Kit Giveaway!

The Flâneur Way
Do you remember your first scent memory? Was it mom’s cooking, or a particular toy or the way a room smelled… Photos: Jennifer Cloutier

Central to the SENSE Kit is the essential oil roll-on, a blend designed as an olfactory gateway to inner peace. 

This aromatic companion is more than a fragrance; it’s a ritual, inviting you to pause, breathe deeply, and anchor yourself in the present. It’s about reconnecting with the often-ignored sense of smell, which has the power to transport us across time and space, evoke memories, and stir emotions.

The Flâneur Way
Postcards taken from Jennifer Cloutier’s photo-wanders. Next time you want to text someone local, send one of these instead!

Accompanying this are postcards featuring Jennifer Cloutier’s photography, transforming mere paper into canvases of connection. Her intention behind the creation of these cards is to celebrate the everyday by being thoughtful. Inspiring the act of reaching out and connecting not just for an occasion but on those days in between, just because.

In a world where digital communication reigns supreme, the act of writing a postcard becomes a meditative practice, a way to slow down and reflect on our experiences, and share them with others in a tangible, personal way.

Additional elements in the kit include a pocket journal for deeper reflection and a Palo Santo stick for purification, enhancing the environment for introspection and connection. Jennifer recommends lighting the stick and the tea candle as your first experience, setting the intention and mood, for discovering the other sensory gifts within the kit.

The Flâneur Way's SENSE Kit Giveaway! 1
Pocket journals are great for ideas, getting rid of thoughts, affirmations and visualizations…

Unique to this kit is Jennifer’s own voice in guided audio wander, focusing on the art of noticing our everyday through tuning in. This sensory journey is complemented by a packet of loose herbal tea for two, offering comfort while engaging with the kit’s elements.

Jennifer’s attention to detail went into every aspect of the design of this product, including it’s box.  Designed to be portable, re-usable, so that you can take on the road, enjoy at home, or offer as gifts to others.

The Flâneur Way
The Flâneur Way Shop is full of and coffee table conversation items of intriguing sensorial wonders… Photos: Jennifer Cloutier

The Flâneur Way SENSE Kit is more than a collection; it’s a philosophy that champions the art of observation, the joy of the present, and the richness of sensory indulgences. Through our Instagram “Tag & Win” contest, we’re spreading the message of reconnection and creating a community of like-minded individuals who value the depth of human and sensory experiences.

The Flâneur Way
Audio Wanders. See where they take you! Photos: Jennifer Cloutier

Jennifer Cloutier, the visionary behind The Flâneur Way, infuses her journey as an explorer, wellness educator, and creator into every aspect of the brand. Each SENSE Kit is a curation of her experiences, rituals and practices on the road, or at home. Designed to bring the essence of mindful living and sensory awareness into everyday life.

The Flâneur Way offerings, including thematic kits like OBSERVER, EXPLORER, CREATOR, are tailored to enhance your sensory experience and encourage mindful exploration. Through a unique and tangible sensory journey, this giveaway will feature The Flaneur Way seasonal kits, crafted to resonate with the spirit and rituals that each season offers.

By embracing The Flâneur Way, you engage in a lifestyle that values noticing, connection, and living in the NOW. It’s an invitation to be present, and to find joy, pleasure, and comfort in life’s sensory experiences.

Join us in this sensory adventure. Tag someone special, share in the art of sensory rediscovery, and enter to win your own SENSE Kit—a testament to the beauty of connecting through the senses, one moment at a time.

The Flaneur Way – SENSE kit souvenir / Winter edition : Designed & curated by Jennifer Cloutier 

Includes : 

  • 2 postcards
  • 1 tea candle
  • palo santo air purifier 
  • essential oil roll-on
  • pocket journal
  • audio mindful wander 

co-written by Jennifer Cloutier

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