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3-2-1 GO | The BIXI Montreal Season is Starting Early!

3-2-1 GO | The BIXI Montreal Season is Starting Early!

3-2-1 GO | The BIXI Montreal Season is Starting Early! 1

BIXI riders will be able to grab a bike and go as of this Friday, April 9

With the arrival of spring comes a new BIXI season! And this year, users have reason to celebrate! The season will be starting six days before the usual launch date of April 15 – that is, as of this Friday, April 9. Starting at 8 a.m., BIXI bikes will progressively start to appear throughout the network for the weekend. Users are invited to consult the BIXI mobile app to check availability in their area. 

To meet the growing demands for electric bikes, BIXI Montréal will be gradually adding 83 new electric stations starting April 15, which will bring the total number of stations to 763 this season” said Alexandre Taillefer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BIXI Montréal.

3-2-1 GO | The BIXI Montreal Season is Starting Early! 2
You can take a free BIXI out for as many rides as you want, for up to 45 minutes each with membership

Early-bird pricing for seasonal memberships ends in 8 days!

BIXI customers who want to enjoy all the benefits of a seasonal membership can take advantage of the early-bird pricing up until April 15, using the BIXI mobile app or website. With the purchase of a seasonal membership, a $10 discount will be applied ($89, tax included, rather than $99 at regular price).

3-2-1 GO | The BIXI Montreal Season is Starting Early! 3
10% Discount on 2021 BIXI Memberships

Double the area covered and 2 new boroughs added

With 6 new electric stations in the Pierrefonds-Roxboro and Île-Bizard–Sainte-Geneviève boroughs (the exact locations will be announced soon), the area covered by BIXI Montréal will more than double this year. It will go from 142 sq. km. to 317 sq. km in Montreal, Westmount, East Montreal, Mont-Royal, Laval and Longueuil.

There will be 725 electric BIXIs added to the fleet this year, which brings the total to 1,905 electric bikes and 7,270 regular bikes. Both regular and electric bikes meet different needs and have distinct advantages. Users can rent or return either type of bike at any station, whether electric or not. With the growing demand for electric bikes (used 60% more than regular bikes last year), electric BIXIs will represent 20% of the total fleet this year, compared to 14% in 2020.

3-2-1 GO | The BIXI Montreal Season is Starting Early! 4
More bikes, more boroughs, more trips! The addition of 60 new stations, 1,000 new bikes, 2,625 new docking terminals

Exceptional rate of satisfaction with a passion for bike-sharing

Users really like BIXI, as we saw in the 2020 survey that showed an exceptionally high satisfaction rate of 94% for the service. Bikes being used as a mode of transportation has reached an all-time high across North America since the beginning of the pandemic.

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, bike-sharing has allowed thousands of people and essential workers to get around safely while respecting physical distancing guidelines. We’ve been seeing it since last year  outdoor activities, especially bike riding, are more popular than ever around the world. We are proud that BIXI is the backbone of active public transportation in Montreal. Being able to rent electric bikes is a major asset for a lot of users when getting around town,” commented Éric Alan Caldwell, Head of Urban Planning and Transit on the City of Montreal’s executive committee.

A new and improved fee structure: 70% of regular BIXI trips at a lower cost this season

BIXI’s new flexible, simplified fee structure allows most users to access the service at a lower cost and pay less money than before.  Riding a regular bike, which accounts for 80% of the BIXI fleet, will be more affordable than ever. For example, members pay 75 cents for a one-hour BIXI ride. For electric bikes, the average trip time is about 19 minutes. For seasonal and monthly members, the cost is $1.90, which is slightly higher than last year’s 90 cents.

New seasonal and monthly BIXI members are also able to enjoy several advantages. Monthly passes are now $19 compared to last year’s $36, which is 47% cheaper. The break-even point for monthly passes will go from 12 to 7 trips per month. Incremental fees, which were a deterring factor for Bixists who wanted to use their favourite mode of transportation for longer than 45 minutes, have also been replaced with more advantageous rates by the minute.

You can access the new detailed fee structure for the 2021 season by clicking here. And if your soul searching for a brief escape from a depressing mix of pandemic anxiety, curfew boredom BIXI on over to the latest exhibit at the MBAM.


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