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Your Tropical Culinary Adventure awaits at TASTE OF THE CARIBBEAN!

Your Tropical Culinary Adventure awaits at TASTE OF THE CARIBBEAN!


Unveiling This Year’s TASTE OF THE CARIBBEAN VIP Ticket Perks!
July 6/7/8/9 Prepare for  MTL’s Fave Tropical Bashment

LEVEL UP Mi Massive! This year’s TOTC (Taste Of The Caribbean) has levelled up to include a VIP Terrace Experience right by the river, from 5-11pm daily. Get ready to take your TOTC Taste of the Caribbean Foodie Festival experience to new heights with the exclusive VIP ticket. Get it soon, as there are limited quantities.

Once there you can access the expansive general public grounds and activities along the Clock Tower Quay, Old Port of Montreal, while also enjoying the haute libations and haute-tapas of a VIP terrace lounge, reserved for the comfort of you and your friends.

Explore the depths of aged rums thanks to MOUNT GAY ECLIPSE and immerse yourself in the exotic flavours, as you sip on liquid luxuries that embody the spirit of the islands. Fasten your foodie-belt, as you are in for a culinary journey as reknown chef prepare rum-infused-tapas from their sunny roots.

TOTC Goers: Come chillout with the Best Kept MTL Crew in the VIP Terrace!

Perks of the TOTC VIP Experience this year:

Included for just $36.99! 

  • VIP elevated terrace
  • 2 Mount Gay rum cocktails
  • Mount Gay rum infused tapas by Chef Jae Anthony/Tropikal
  • Covered tent area
  • Private all night bar
  • Dedicated security

Tapas menu:

  • Oyster infused Mount gay mignonette and hot sauces
  • Shrimp ceviche with plantain chips
  • Grilled jerk wing with Mount gay Mango sauce
  • Fish cakes topped with scotch bonnet aioli and pikliz
  • Plantain cups stuffed with guacamole with criolla
  • Grilled buss up shot topped with potato channa, cucumber chow and tamarind chutney
Your Tropical Culinary Adventure awaits at TASTE OF THE CARIBBEAN! 3
TOTC Goers: Level up with The VIP Experience this year!

Take a break from the July heat and festivities to unwind in the VIP lounge. Relax in comfortable seating while enjoying attentive service from dedicated staff members at the private bar. This exclusive sanctuary provides a moment of respite amidst the vibrant energy of the festival, allowing you to recharge and savor the experience at your own pace. VIP TICKETS WILL SELL OUT For this festival favourite, so grab your TOTC tickets soon!

Highlights: Pepito Dance Zone, Concert /One Love Zone, Rum Zone & VIP Experience, Restaurant & Merchants, and if for the new generation, The Kids Zone!

Your Tropical Culinary Adventure awaits at TASTE OF THE CARIBBEAN! 4


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