Supper N The City Epicurean Affairs That Gives Back

What more can be said about an intimate evening surrounded by like-minded people in a beautiful setting, while enjoying scrumptious cuisine prepared by wonderful Joe Mercuri!

The Story

A bunch of friends got together, took their favourite parts from hosting a dinner party at home, a night out at the club, a charitable event, a live show in a cool venue, a gourmet meal at a Michelin star restaurant, mashed it all up, and out popped a killer Pop-Up evening. They called it SupperNtheCity.

The Recipe

Everyone loved it so much, they continued doing them to different themed nights, mixing up the people, places and things. The social gatherings kept evolving into many memorable moments, and engaging personal interactions, with a pure interest in bringing people together and creating opportunities.

The Meal Ticket

And now they want to open it up to U, and the rest of the world…
Come join us on May 24th to experience this truly epic phenomenon, helping to inaugurate the SupperNtheCity organization, a Pop-Up party with a purpose. Tickets can be purchased right here!

Supper N The City for a Cause

In recognition of the good fortune, we have to enjoy these epicurean affairs, we’re also creating a counterpoint initiative to give back to the global community by establishing the Foundation with a mission to alleviate world causes of hunger. From donating meals locally to supporting international projects for sustainable agriculture and food production, we can express our gratefulness for our lot in life by helping those in need.

The Sweet Stuff

Stimulate all your senses with a dazzling crowd, sumptuous food by one of the forces in the Montreal Joe Mercuri, spectacular surroundings & extraordinary experiences… don’t miss the get-together of a lifetime, and the chance to be a part of a unique, innovative movement to help those who are hungry around the world.


  • Moderno Italiano Theme featuring World Class Chef – Joe Mercuri

    (Incl special showcase Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream prepared live in front of guests with a special sponsorship by Stokes, providing 6 industrial type kitchen mixers for use in the prep which shall each be given away to guests)

  • Stunning Venue on the water – Ambroisie Espace Canal

  • Coolest Private Club on the planet – Club Prive on the property that has a car collection (incl Formula 1), bike collection, Flight Simulator, pool table, lounge and dance areas

  • Wine incl with dinner

  • Cocktails at reasonable prices; Candy Bar incl Gourmet Popcorn from Kernels

  • Briannah Donolo – “Live”

  • DJ Greenewood feat. Jules, spinning trax in our private club

  • BAO Magician – slight of hand illusions right before your eyes

  • Artbybianca – Live Art during dinner and 5 x 7 artistic renderings of guests in the club as keepsake

  • Swag Bags incl stuffers and coupons from CIBC, Stokes & Zola

You are certain to get a little thirsty, fear not as the Invasion Cocktail Festival is on in so many different locations! Make time for a fancy drink.