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The St George’s Day British Bus Bonanza!

The St George’s Day British Bus Bonanza!

The St George's Day British Bus Bonanza! 1

On Sunday April 28th the gastronomic entrepreneurs from the Burgundy Lion Group threw their 9th annual St George’s Day party. The patron Saint of England, St George was martyred by the Romans in the 4th Century. The legend about him slaying a dragon was added in the 11th century. St George’s Day is celebrated in England, Catalonia, Georgia and Ethiopia.

Saint George’s Day, is the feast day of Saint George as celebrated by various Christian Churches and by the several nations, kingdoms, countries, and cities of which Saint George is the patron saint including England, and regions of Portugal and Spain.

For the Montreal edition, our hosts pulled out all the stops for this epic pub crawl. They chartered a classic double decker bus straight from the streets of London to ferry us around town.

We arrived at 10am for breakfast and Bloody Caesars at Bishop & Bagg. We were greeted with the gift of a ceremonial St George’s soccer jersey to unite us hooligans into a motley crew on a quest to slay the dragon.

With a slight buzz from the Caesars it was on to the bus where our tour guide Richard provided witty banter about Montreal’s history. Our next destination was Old Montreal to Brit & Chips to sample their classic fish & chips. Served in a cone, we took our savory and delicious snack for a scenic walk to our next stop: the Burgundy Lion Group’s latest venture.

We arrived at Wolf and Workman and were immediately blown away by the decor. High ceilings, brick and stone walls, leather banquettes, gilded mirrors. We were offered rounds of refreshing Tom Collins and whiskey shots. The food course consisted of gravlax on bagel and Scotch Eggs.

After many more rounds of drinks our valiant Knights of the Order of St George knighted my date to prepare for battle against the Dragon. A fitting pre-game ceremony considering what was in store on Game of Thrones later that night!

We merrily sauntered back on the bus to head to the Burgundy Lion to complete our quest. Once the dragon was revealed mayhem ensued as we re enacted the legend!

Toby Lyle, the founder of The Burgundy Lion Group had this to say about his annual St George’s Day Parties :

“Since 2009 Burgundy Lion has been celebrating England’s National Day, every year we have a day of British activities culminating with our famous Dragon Slaying on the patio of the Burgundy Lion.

For our St-George’s celebration’s 10 year anniversary we thought we’d take it up a notch, and kill two birds with one stone, by proudly showcasing our British pub and restaurant network that we’ve built over the past decade”

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