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Sofitel and Orchestre de Paris Elevate Montreal’s Cultural Scene

Sofitel and Orchestre de Paris Elevate Montreal’s Cultural Scene

Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile

On March 20, during a snowy evening that bridged the gap between continents and cultures, the Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile played host to a momentous musical gathering that underscored the hotel’s commitment to infusing the essence of French culture into Montreal’s vibrant landscape. This memorable event not only celebrated the power of classical music but also marked the beginning of a new chapter in the hotel’s rich history, with an announcement of upcoming enhancements aimed at further elevating the guest experience.

As the new sponsor of the Orchestre de Paris – Philharmonie de Paris, Sofitel has embarked on a mission to propagate the beauty of classical music beyond its traditional confines. The private concert, held at Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile, was a testament to this shared vision, offering attendees an exclusive musical rendezvous with the orchestra’s reed trio. Under the baton of Klaus Mäkelä, a prodigious talent whose reputation precedes him on the global symphonic stage, the performance was nothing short of mesmerizing.


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The event was a celebration of not just music but also the shared values of inclusivity and cultural exchange that both Sofitel and the Philharmonie de Paris hold dear. Nicolas Gronier, VP of Global Marketing at Sofitel, eloquently expressed this sentiment, highlighting the partnership as a natural alignment of philosophies dedicated to spreading the joy of French classical music worldwide. This ethos is embodied in Sofitel’s Cultural Link logo, which symbolizes the brand’s commitment to fostering cross-cultural dialogues.

The Orchestre de Paris, a cornerstone of the Philharmonie de Paris, carries a profound dedication to making classical music accessible to all. Through a variety of initiatives, from educational programs to performances in non-traditional venues, the orchestra seeks to demystify classical music, making it a source of joy and inspiration for diverse audiences. Olivier Mantei, General Director of the Philharmonie de Paris, praised the Sofitel brand for sharing in this commitment, underscoring the significance of the partnership in bringing the orchestra’s talents to North American shores for the first time in two decades.

Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile

The concert at Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile, part of a four-stop North American tour, showcased the orchestra’s exceptional skill and the harmonic brilliance that it has achieved under Mäkelä’s direction. The tour, which also graced stages in Ann Arbor, New York’s Carnegie Hall, and Boston’s Concert Hall, was a pivotal moment for the ensemble, further cementing its status as a global ambassador of French musical heritage.

In line with Sofitel’s ethos of “responsible luxury,” the partnership with the Philharmonie de Paris serves as a reminder of the transformative power of music and culture. It’s a collaboration that not only elevates the guest experience within the hotel’s walls but also contributes to the cultural richness of the cities Sofitel calls home. The upcoming enhancements to Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile, including the renovation of Le Renoir restaurant and common areas, are poised to add an extra layer of sophistication to the hotel, mirroring the elegance and refinement that classical music embodies.


As Montreal continues to thrive as a hub of cultural innovation and exchange, the partnership between Sofitel and the Orchestre de Paris – Philharmonie de Paris stands as a beacon of international collaboration. It is a celebration of the enduring allure of French culture and the universal language of music, proving once again that when the worlds of luxury and artistic expression converge, the result is a masterpiece that resonates across borders.

About Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile

Sofitel Hotels & Resorts is the ambassador of French elegance, culture and art of living throughout the world. Founded in 1964, Sofitel was the first French luxury hotel brand to expand internationally. Today it has more than 120 addresses as elegant as they are unique, located in the most popular destinations around the world, including Montreal, at 1155 Sherbrooke St West, in the prestigious Golden Square Mile.


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