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Rollin Revolution Skate party | Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll this Saturday

Rollin Revolution Skate party | Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll this Saturday

Rollin Revolution Skate party | Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll this Saturday 1

The 70’s and 80’s were a hell of a groovy era when roller skating was just as common as walking. During that exact period disco layered with funk & soul music blew up. The 2 gloriously merged and the roller skate trend was born. This funky social activity made a dazzling cultural impact in the 70s, followed by roller fashion, music, movies and everything roller skate related! Popular movies include: The Unholy Rollers (1972), Kansas City Bomber (1972), Rollerball (1975) to the Roller Boogie (1979) trailer featured below.

Furthermore the socio economics benefits to roller skating and its rinks had a profound impact on history as they were the sites of some of the earliest fights of the civil-rights era. They later became the launching pads for hip-hop legends like Salt-N-Pepa, Coolio will tell you how roller rinks fostered the development of hip-hop.

Funk & soul out Saturday!

Nowadays the roller skating scene still exists but sadly appears to be as popular as talking with people instead of texting, finding itself in the museum of extinct social activities. But wait, there appears to be a rebirth in our beloved city. The Rollin Revolution crew bring you THE skate party you can’t to miss for those of you who have an urge to get on skates and experience this blast from the past. To top things off they’ve booked the one and only legendary NYC skate DJ Rob Scott, for the first time playing live in Montreal. Drag your roller skates and light the floor this Saturday, February 23, 2019. If you don’t have a pair make sure to book them in advance here!

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TOP 150 Tricks!

On a side note how many tricks do you think were created and mastered during the roller skating era? Lots, and LOTS! Clearly this movement was inspired by music and social interactions. Like who doesn’t like showing their latest move(s)! Roller skating is one of those sports with infinite tricks. Check these guys TOP 150… from easier tricks like the flat spin… wavers to the more advanced ones like the Barell Roll aka drunken man. Oooh Best Kept MTL is in line to strut its stuff at Rollin Revolution this weekend!

What to wear when roller skating

  • The right sized roller skates
  • The right pair of socks
  • Protective gear

What NOT to wear when roller skating

  • Avoid loose trousers
  • Don’t wear long trousers
  • No clothes with deep necks
  • Say no to miniskirts. I know…
  • Don’t wear thick clothes or you’ll sweating it guaranteed

Top 3 Roller Skate Tricks: Heels, Grapevine & The Moonwalk…


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