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RIO’s Garden of Eden | 1 Glamorous Night at the Ritz-Carlton

RIO’s Garden of Eden | 1 Glamorous Night at the Ritz-Carlton


RIO: “More than just an art collection, my Garden of Eden is a reminder that, immutably, everything ends up finding a state of equilibrium. Welcome to my kingdom.”

It is with these words of insight that the sublime world of this talented painter moves to The Ritz-Carlton in Montreal. In the oval ballroom of this iconic hotel, Sebastien Riopel will unveil his most recent series of artworks during an exclusive evening exhibition – for the benefit of The Beauties and the Beasts Foundation – on Tuesday, September 6.

Amazon (2022)

As the artist known as RIO was keen to tell us: “The ballroom bathed in light is the ideal place to highlight the sculptural details of Czech crystals and gilding of my works. The challenge will be to create a large interior garden where the canvases encircle the interior garden. The room will be immersed thus in a unique universe imagined with the RIO touch.”

RIO's Garden of Eden | 1 Glamorous Night at the Ritz-Carlton 2
The Ritz-Carlton Montreal Oval Ballroom, host to many wedding receptions, before the Eden Garden exhibition

This “green carpet event” at The Ritz-Carlton is the latest milestone on the Lanaudière native’s spectacular journey in recent months. In January, with the collaboration of the Black Tower Gallery, RIO offered a head-turning exhibition via a mobile art gallery on a truck in Miami, wandering through the Design District.

“Keep Control” (2022) inside the Art Truck roaming the Miami Design District

In May, he presented his first art exhibition opening in Cologne, Germany. The event was a real success with the sale of his most impressive pieces and the fruitful start of an adventure with the Lanford Gallery.

Garden of Eden” (2021) at the Lanford Gallery in Cologne, Germany

Then came two months cloistered in his Saint-Sulpice residence-workshop in order to complete the Eden Garden collection; a series of mix media artworks glorifying edenic femininity with a modern twist, which will be split between one exhibition in New York and one in Montreal.

“The Gypsy and the Snake” (2022) will be auctioned during the Eden Garden exhibition for the benefit of The Beauties and the Beasts Foundation

In Manhattan, on August 19, he received a warm welcome on the highest terrace of the Somewhere Nowhere lounge on the rooftop of the Renaissance New York Chelsea Hotel.

Eden’s Trap” (2021)

With an international artistic career allowing him to jet-set from Montreal to Vancouver, Miami and Germany in the coming months; RIO may be close to the breakthrough needed to pave the way to rockstar status on the global art scene. We therefore cannot wait for his next Montreal exhibition that he is planning for the public in the fall of 2023.

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Sebastien Riopel aka RIO

Here is what you need to know about RIO’s Eden Garden Exhibition

Date: Tuesday, September 6, from 6:30PM to 10:30PM
Location: The Ritz-Carlton, Montreal | 1228 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, Quebec H3G 1H6
Access: Invitation only
Facebook: @rioartiste
Instagram: @rioartistepeintre

RIO is a modern and versatile artist that thrives through the mystery of his paintings. His burning passion for life emerges from his intricate pieces. In his art, you can always feel the perfect balance between colours and textures. RIO’s blinded lady faces are a tribute to the women that impacted his childhood. Every year his exhibits get more and more spectacular. Guests are immersed in a colorful and amazing universe where you can feel the entire artist’s creativity. Different matter, like ancient encyclopedia pages, crystals, stones, rivets and gold sheets are added to acrylic paintings to create surprising effects. Ground-breaking techniques, which give an extra dimension to an already exquisite artwork. You can also ask for a personalized RIO masterpiece. Imagine looking in a mirror through the artist’s eyes.

Featured image: Love Attack (2022)

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