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SWEET FOLIE | Embrace the Madness @ OASIS Immersion

SWEET FOLIE | Embrace the Madness @ OASIS Immersion

Sweet Folie

OASIS Immersion is ready to re-enchant Montrealers once again, this time promising a refreshing break from the ordinary with the latest addition to their summer program, Sweet Folie. Starting July 15th, this dazzling new immersive experience is part of a trio of exhibits that the venue, renowned as Canada’s largest permanent immersive destination, will be hosting to open the doors of perception.

Sweet Folie

Conceived in collaboration with the Montreal-based creative studio, Colegram, Sweet Folie takes on a wild ride into a zany universe. Famous for its offbeat style, Colegram, along with OASIS Immersive Studios, have created a festive journey that aims to stimulate relaxation, provoke laughter and reawaken your inner child.

Sweet Folie

As you can see from the video below, this immersive exhibit allows you to enter a waking dream of imagination and celebration; where audiences are enveloped in a contagious, party-like atmosphere.

The summer program also features the highly acclaimed transformé exhibit. The exhibit showcases eight powerful, immersive stories that echo around the globe, shedding light on the resilience of the human spirit and the potency of empathy. Having received an overwhelming response since its debut in January, transformé is an experience that transcends cultures, captivates the mind, and captures the heart.


Yet, last but not least in this summer program is the multiple-times extended VAN GOGH – Distorsion. An innovative, light-infused spectacle, this exhibit is an interactive exploration of more than 225 of Van Gogh’s timeless masterpieces. Described as the most immersive and stylized Van Gogh exhibit ever presented, it has enchanted visitors since its inauguration and continues to draw gasps of amazement from its audience.

SWEET FOLIE | Embrace the Madness @ OASIS Immersion 3

It’s clear that OASIS Immersion’s summer program, with Sweet Folie at its heart, is poised to redefine the boundaries of immersive experiences. So, Montreal, get ready to dive headfirst into a season of mesmerizing moments, animated amusement, and insightful introspection.

Here is what you need to know about Sweet Folie

Location: Palais des congrès de Montréal | 301 Saint-Antoine St West, Montréal, QC
Date: Starting July 5, 2023
Tickets: Available for purchase online at
Facebook: @oasisimmersion
Instagram: @oasisimmersion

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