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Montrealer launches | Cool school clip art tool that we tested out

Montrealer launches | Cool school clip art tool that we tested out

School clip art tool Edigo, let's you create educational material easily!

Edigo is an online tool that simplifies the creation of educational material and school clip art. Simply choose your membership level from Free  right up to Premium User to instantly create breathtaking educational material with easy pre-defined templates & stunning illustrations.

It’s 2020 and the classroom you once knew, with dusty blackboards and book-heavy-nap sacks are starting to change… More and more schools and classrooms are adopting classroom technology to make learning efficient and fun. Teachers are using interactive apps and online teacher created resources to produce school clip art on demand, to illustrate: geometry, help kids learn about science or grammar.

Turning classroom lessons into games and activities has never been easier thanks to this brilliant tool developed by Montreal based company Webisoft. Impressively, the tool has been developed to handle over 8 languages to cater to all mother tongues. For this example, I chose English.

William R Marchand Co-founder of
William R Marchand Co-founder of , at his loft office in downtown MTL

I caught up with William, co-founder of to find out everything a teacher needs to know about this awesome SaaS (Software as a service). We signed up ourselves and took it for a spin. Running an on-line magazine, we create social memes and quick graphics, so we knew what to expect from sites like Canva. As a creative director, I already liked what I saw within seconds of signing up via Facebook and playing with the interface. I put on my teacher’s hat and away I went. For the purpose of this experiment, I decided I was an ecology teacher for a grade school class. Today’s lesson you ask? Frogs!

school clip art tool - Edigo
If you are already signed into FB, the process is instantaneous!


The Sign up process was a breeze, since they are Facebook connected. It took 2 seconds to try out the 7 Day Premium Trial  and get going with my mini class poster for the beginning of a lesson about Frog Facts. As I Googled amphibious facts with my left hand on my iphone, I quickly scanned the UI (User Interface) and found it pleasantly familiar with my mouse hand.


school clip art tool Edigo
Intuitive and aesthetic. Loving this teacher created resources platform!

As someone who plays with these tools a lot, there was no learning curve but I can’t imagine there would be a steep one for any teacher already interested in taking classroom technology to the next level. I was able to find a template that I liked and start customizing type. I loved the default font, so it didn’t take long to whip up my masterpiece.


I really liked how beautifully illustrated and accurate the frog clip art was and I was able to find 3 frog illustrations from water colour realism to cute 3D styled cartoons. 

Montrealer launches | Cool school clip art tool that we tested out 1
How adorbs is the little soda cup?


No need to re-invent the wheel with this clever teacher’s tool, with one click I was able to duplicate my 1st Frog Facts template and quickly create Fact#2… I was also able to copy graphic objects and type to speed things up. 

best teacher's resources tool Edigo
That was a snap!


The share form was very straight forward and allows teachers to become teacher resource sellers of educational material and school clip art. You can share work sheets, task cards, school clip art, basically everything you create. YOU decide if the price is right and if you are feeling generous and want to support your colleagues, simply share your educational work sheet or template for FREE!


Try the 7 Days No Credit Card Trial of Premium and create!


Once you’re done joining the magical educator community, take a look at some Covid-gadgets that might make your life a little easier.

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