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Montreal Icon, Mado Lamotte’s prints for sale for RÉZO Montréal

Montreal Icon, Mado Lamotte’s prints for sale for RÉZO Montréal

Montreal Icon, Mado Lamotte’s prints for sale for RÉZO Montréal 1

Montreal icon , the legendary Mado Lamotte’s  prints for sale for RÉZO are available now.

Montreal Icon, Mado Lamotte’s prints for sale for RÉZO Montréal 2
Be one of a select 30 to own this unique piece from Mado Lamotte, the Mother of Montreal Drag Queens! Image courtesy of Mado Lamotte and Kat Coric and RÉZO.

Mado Lamotte is a legend and powerhouse, a true Montreal original whose performances, charisma and hosting abilities helped make her, the first Quebec Drag Superstar.

Mado Lamotte, well known around town for her sharp wit and cutting tongue, is also the owner of a club that humbly holds her moniker, as well as an author, actor, singer and so much more.

Mado is also a drag mother to several queens of multiple generations as well as a drag mentor and icon for so many. I, count myself among her many drag children and am proud to be able to call her mom.

Mado has appeared on reality television, been the face of Yum Yum Chips, recorded albums, was the host of the immensely popular Bingo à Mado and went from being one of Montreal’s drag queens to becoming a pioneer in the field of drag. Mado Lamotte is a multidisciplinary artist that continues to inspire and innovate to this day.

During Fierté’s Montréal’s celebratory week, Mado Lamotte presented her first vernissage at La P’tite Porte, where she presented 75 different works of art, called EXPO MADO.

Montreal Icon, Mado Lamotte’s prints for sale for RÉZO Montréal 3
The Queen Mado herself, examining the quality of the limited-edition print she has created to benefit RÉZO. Photo of Mado Lamotte and G. Nantel by kind permission of Michel Bazinet.

EXPO MADO was a collection of her masterful, unique, original works featuring a diverse and playful collection of Mado Lamotte’s favorite things, such as animals and cartoon characters, the divas who influenced her and the various emblems of the Montreal Queer scene.

This vernissage was enabled and promoted by none other than Kat Coric Art & Idées, an artist herself, Kat Coric has been a fixture and adored member of Montreal’s gay community for decades and began her vision of merging art and activism then.

Kat Coric, born in Dubrovnik, Croatia is a multidisciplinary artist, creator, producer, art collector and activist who has been working hand in hand with the LGBTQ+ community.

A few years ago, Kat Coric began her collaborations with RÉZO, a non-profit organization, based in Montreal that helps GBTQ+ members of the community; with such things such as sexual education and help, HIV testing, counseling, drug addiction, gender identity and much much more.

Montreal Icon, Mado Lamotte’s prints for sale for RÉZO Montréal 4
A birthday party to make things happen, this incredible woman does so much for the community, a true Montreal activist and leader! image courtesy of Kat Coric.


This year, Kat decided, for her annual Birthday party fundraising event to partner with the iconic Mado Lamotte and join forces to help raise money and awareness for RÉZO and the indispensable and necessary help they offer the GBTQ+ community.

Montreal Icon, Mado Lamotte’s prints for sale for RÉZO Montréal 5
An indispensable service for the Queer community, RÉZO has been helping Montrealers for over 30 years, you can help out by purchasing the piece in this article. Image courtesy of RÉZO.

I asked Kat to tell me a little more about her work with RÉZO and the community.

By fusing art with activism, I am granting my own wish to myself to fuse art with activism. I’ve found a place called home and it’s this amazing Montréal community. I am here to stay! RÉZO for me is very crucial right now. They are out there helping young GBT men who are at risk. I wish to thank everyone who has lent their support over the years and for helping us raise money for RÉZO in 2022. Stay tuned because I’m already planning something big for 2023.

To raise funds for RÉZO, Mado made limited edition prints of a self portrait for RÉZO.

The information of the piece itself, featured below, is as follows.

Montreal Icon, Mado Lamotte’s prints for sale for RÉZO Montréal 6
Be one of the few to hold a limited print of this iconic image of one of Montreal’s most legendary performers of all time. Own a piece of Montreal history. Image courtesy of Mado Lamotte.

Mado Lamotte, Self Portrait for RÉZO, 13 x 13 inches (33.02 x 33.02cm), Pigment ink print on Hahnemuhle Matt Fine Art paper, Photo Rag white, 308g, Edition of 30 signed and numbered prints

Luckily, for all of you fans out there, of iconic Montreal culture and art, there are still several prints available for purchase.

What better way to support the GBTQ+ community than by purchasing a limited-edition print of this one-of-a-kind work from one of the most famous and iconic Montrealer’s ever, Mado Lamotte.

As Kat told me when we last spoke.

 I just love the fact that right now, you can acquire your own signed and numbered print by Mado and 100% of the sale goes to charity!

The lucky collectors of the print called Mado Self Portrait for RÉZO, will have the added benefit of a 30% reduction on a beautiful selection of frames at official event partners Encadrex.

If you want to take this limited-edition piece of art, you can do so by contacting the people at RÉZO right, here.

And keep you Pride ongoing by following up my Beauty Buzz for August, here.

Lead image of Mado Lamotte used with the permission of photographer, André Bilodeau.

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