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Martinique Gourmande Festival 2023 | A Taste of the Tropics in the Heart of MTL

Martinique Gourmande Festival 2023 | A Taste of the Tropics in the Heart of MTL

Martinique Gourmande

Picture this: the rhythm of the Caribbean fills the air, the aroma of exotic spices wafts through the crowd, and the vibrant atmosphere of a Creole market lures you into a world of delicious culinary adventure. Welcome to the Martinique Gourmande Culinary and Solidarity Festival, Montreal’s can’t-miss gastronomic event of the fall season. Hosted by the Comité Martiniquais du Tourisme au Canada, this sun-soaked spectacle returns for its 16th edition from September 12 to 24.

Martinique Gourmande

Tradition Meets Innovation

On September 16 and 17, the Grand Quay of the Port of Montreal transforms into a veritable Creole Market, themed “From Tradition to Innovation.” And trust us, it’s not just about food; it’s an immersive cultural experience. Admission is free, and the event promises a myriad of festivities for all ages.

Martinique Gourmande

Celebrity Chefs in the House

Who better to bring Martinique’s flavors to life than four renowned guest chefs from the island itself? These culinary stars include Clémence Bruère Dawson, owner of OKO Soul Food, whose “conscious cuisine” mantra manifests in “from garden to plate” experiences; Luidji Couteperoumal from Le Zandoli at La Suite Villa hotel; Harold Jeanville from Carte Blanche restaurant; and Yadji Zami, the founder of Galanga Fish Bar restaurant.

Martinique Gourmande
Clémence Bruère Dawson | Photo Clémence Caduc

Entertainment, Workshops, and More

Prepare to groove to zouk music and partake in bèlè and biguine dance lessons. Little ones can hone their culinary skills at “C’est moi le chef” workshops, and everyone can enjoy a mixology competition, a fruit carving demonstration, and even a dominoes tournament. The closing ceremony? A Martinican carnival-themed party that promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Martinique Gourmande

Solidarity in the Spotlight

True to its name, the festival isn’t just about savoring good food—it’s about doing good, too. For the fourth year, the festival partners with Tablée des Chefs’ Solidarity Kitchens, which will prepare 5,000 portions of typical Martinique recipes for Quebec food banks. Your taste buds can celebrate while your heart revels in the joy of giving back.

Martinique Gourmande

Island Flavors Beyond the Port

But wait, there’s more! Beyond the Grand Quay, 30 restaurants across Quebec – such as charming chef Paul Toussaint‘s popular pan-caribbean restaurant Kamúy – will join the celebration by offering menus and cocktails inspired by the flavors of Martinique from September 12 to 24. Keep an eye out for the list of participating establishments.

Martinique Gourmande
Paul Toussaint at Kamuy | Photo Frédérique Ménard-Aubin

Why You Should Attend

Martinique Gourmande isn’t just a festival; it’s a two-week-long culinary journey that offers a delicious dialogue between the traditional recipes of Martinique and Quebec’s own culinary innovations. Bénédicte Di Géronimo, President of the Comité Martiniquais du Tourisme, couldn’t say it better: “Martinique’s gastronomy is a worldly cuisine, the product of a multitude of influences.”

Martinique Gourmande
Bénédicte Di Geronimo


Along with a chance to win a dream getaway for two to Martinique, courtesy of Air Canada, the Martinique Gourmande Festival offers a virtual ticket to the Flower of the Caribbean right in the heart of Montreal. So mark your calendars, foodies! Your fall season is about to get a whole lot spicier, and this is one event that will tantalize all your senses. See you there!

Martinique Gourmande
Photo K Event Catering

Here is what what you need to know about Martinique Gourmande 2023

Date: September 12 to 24
Location: Participating restaurants throughout Quebec
Creole Market Date: September 16 and 17
Creole Market Location: Grand Quay of the Port of Montreal | Pavilion | 200 de la Commune West Montreal, QC H2Y 4B2
Facebook: @LaMartiniqueTourisme
Instagram: @lamartinique

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