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M for Montreal | Janette King: A New Queen on the Board

M for Montreal | Janette King: A New Queen on the Board

M for Montreal | Janette King: A New Queen on the Board 1

Electronic/RnB artist Janette King: Catch her soulful ballads, up tempo beats as part of the Official Selection of Montreal Music Magic Show this Thursday Nov 19 @ 2pm

Talented and full of life, Janette King is splashing onto the Montréal scene with an infectious fervor. A young up and comer from British Columbia, Janette moved to our fair city just a few months ago and the Gods have been smiling ever since.

M for Montreal | Janette King: A New Queen on the Board 2
Janette King – A soft heart, a kind touch, and an honest, real, explosive live performances are sometimes all you need

Some hold her solely responsible for the warm wave of weather we’ve just enjoyed, and blame her for the recent cold snap we’ve endured since her temporary departure just a few days ago. But these rumors are, as of yet, pure hearsay and conjecture.

King’s music can be described as having soulful arrangements concerned with love, loss, and losing one’s mind and mental health. But worry not because, this dark soul has a light sprightly spirit and it’s this combination of elements that’s made her an irresistible draw for industry heads from Mikey B. Rishwain (the M for Montreal booker and talent coordinator extraordinaire) to filmmaker Lawrence Le Lam (who’s IMDB credits speak impressive volumes).

There’s an authenticity about her. A depth beyond her years, and at the end of the day, isn’t that what we’re all looking for? Some depth and authenticity…

I’m not gonna lie, Janette is a friend of mine, we met at the local Fripperie Sydney’s before the pandemic took hold and it’s a strange cosmic coincidence that I’m reviewing her body of work at the moment, but they say there are no coincidences and this must therefore be a sign of how her talent and happy go lucky nature yields results.

We cover lots of terrain here, from her move from the east coast to the artistically buzzing Montreal; to the best method with which to eat celery. We talk about what she likes about the city and her multi faceted talents. We touch on dorky things like html code and explore what drew her home and what we can expect from her performance at this years M for Montreal.

Join us, as we explore and discover the many sides of Janelle King, and get a small taste of what makes her a Queen of this city’s music scene. Below is a conversation we shared in preparation for the unleashing of her upcoming M for Montreal show, and I hope you like it.

M for Montreal 2020, November 18-20 is back for a unique virtual edition for industry pros, on a broadcast and networking platform custom-made for the event! See for yourself, what the buzz is all about. And dig deeper by visiting our M for Montreal past performing artist archives here!

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