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LIVE Crypto Holiday Report | How Much Bot Profit During 1 Dog Walk?

LIVE Crypto Holiday Report | How Much Bot Profit During 1 Dog Walk?

Holiday Crypto Report
Holiday crypto report
What coin pairs are you putting your faith into? Let me know on my TikTok @Foxyleecryptoqueen

Greetings to my crypto holiday report! I will be showing you 3 things today. I will be giving you a LIVE Sunday video of my latest crypto purchase LEVER/BUSD and I will also be sharing my demo bots, as well as speculate on the holiday crypto forecast. Many of us are surprised that Bitcoin did not do it’s Xmas spike yet (or ever)… in 2022. Typically BTC does a spike around Xmas as crypto whales like celebrities purchase each other gifts on the blockchain. It seems the pandemic years, the war in Ukraine as well as overall market instability has caused BTC to sort of dance around at 23,000 (CAN).  Possibly the spike will happen 1 week before Xmas but it typically starts in December. Well, I’m not holdig my breath anymore!

Crypto Holiday Report, Why I bought LEVEL/BUSD

I ran some demo bots to show a few new crypto friends how they work. Here is the link for those bots (all the coin pairs are decent actually and worth considering).  In thie recent trial of demo bots, LEVER kept proving its worth. I had a great run with QLC (it’s often a fast way to surf $1,000 out of a coin pair in less than 2 weeks – but the wiggle was begining to dissapoint and I wanted to score a last chunk of Christmas change from the bot profit before Jan 2023. For this reason, I tried Adventure Gold, $9/daily – not bad – but not great, to ultimately switch to LEVER/BUSD today, Sunday December 11th, 2022.

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Holiday crypto report
Crypto Holiday Report: What are your crypto resolutions for 2023

You can Follow me on TikTok now at @Foxyleecryptoqueen for crypto weekend fun, my pug Tucker and life in Old MTL. I do not manage the account daily, so please allow for a delay of a few days for comments and inbox there.

My crypto strategy for 2023

I have realized on my journey with daytrading school THE PLAN & Bitsgap Software, that I need to work o 2 things. Not checking my crypto more than daily, if even that. And letting go of FOMO and just allowing coins to go up and down, without swapping them for better wigglers. Now, I have been very profitable by switching up coins every week or 2 – but I do not have HODL coins which I am curious about too. Intuitively and also by research, I feel like Monero/XMR is on a good trajectory for Holding and it will be one of my HODL coins. Ideally, I would love to have 3 coin pairs for 2023 and invest a bit more in each. A HOLDL like Monero, a surfing coin that changes every week or so purely for bot profit ($1,000 then cash out) and one inbetween that is often volatile but that can be left for at least a month at a time like QLC or VGX (both often wiggly enough).

The Plan (The crypto strategy I learned) is not taking students presently, but if you would like – I can email you the moment they start enrolling students again. Email me here Subject: THE PLAN VIP LIST email:

My trusted crypto resources at a glance:
The Plan – Dan Holling’s Crypto school – The only strategy I currently reccomend
Customer Stories – Previous students from The Plan
Free Webinar Replay – Last FREE Webinar replay to get the idea
Newton – for purchasing crypto from Canada (user friendly, fast and low rates)
Coinbase – Best smartphone APP- but high fees
Bitsgap – Day Trading AI, side-grid trading. Trades volatility
Binance – My prefered exhange, as you can off-set maker/taker trade fees with BNB native token

Remmeber that I am not an authorized broker or financial analyst and that this is just speculative advice from my past success and research. Please DYOR (do your own research) before purchasing or trading cryptocurrency. For more of my journey 

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