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L’Amour du Pain | Our top 5 Holiday Picks

L’Amour du Pain | Our top 5 Holiday Picks

L'Amour Du Pain

What is a Better Name than L’Amour du Pain for a Bakery?

Who does not like bread? We had the chance to review L’Amour Du Pain’s Xmas and Holiday menu! We are all busy, and when it comes to Xmas and holiday catering at work or home, you can get overwhelmed and not know how to DEAL! Do you cook, order out, take out, or get a few table pleasers to take some of the labour load off your holiday menu planning! So without further ado, let’s dig in!

Our Top 5 Picks at L’Amour du Pain

Brioche Canneberge Chocolat

A delicious brioche with the terrific tartness of cranberry and yummy chocolate nibs throughout made this an instant winner. We enjoyed this one TWICE! We had it for brunch #1 and then we used it as a killer French toast two weeks later, so it’s a very versatile product that keeps giving ;)

Sapin Feuilleté au Nutella

Ironically they were out of these during our tasting! THAT’S how popular they are! But my French foodie friend Phil had already been to L’Amour du Pain. He tasted and delivered the truth on these deliciously festive cookies, shaped in a pine tree! They feature Nutella, and no one hates that, as well as coconut shavings and covered in rose petals for the perfect dessert table decor that will wow the whole family and any guest.

Épi Dijonnais

Here is a nice slice of Quebec, with a classic baguette or a large-sized “Gribouille” if you will, stuffed with dijon mustard, cheese, and bacon. These are great as little finger treats to serve before the main course. You just heat and slice, and they require no additional preparation.

Gribouille Pesto et Tomate Séché

A skinnier app than the Épi Dijonnais but with a greasier after taste. These heavy little breadsticks can be cut up and used to compliment aperitifs and pre-dinner cocktails with their salty and oily charm! These are a good substitute for the classic cheese sticks.

Bûche Royale

If your guests are not impressed already, these individual mini desserts will undoubtedly make them feel regal! Ours was the chocolate mouse, the one with a crispy hazelnut crust. The chocolate was dark and velvety, blanketed with a nutty crumble, it was just salty enough to contrast the dark cocoa. This was our fave

L'Amour du Pain | Our top 5 Holiday Picks 5

I would say, give yourself a break and your guests a real treat this year. You can order on-line, then go pick up! L’Amour du Pain and its rich and delicious floury amuse-bouche & desserts await!

Just a stone’s throw away is The Farsides Restaurant, a brand new fusion addition to Old Montreal.

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