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June Beauty Buzz featuring JetPeel, Spa St. James and More

June Beauty Buzz featuring JetPeel, Spa St. James and More

June Beauty

It is time for the June Beauty Buzz, and this month I have so many exciting things to share with you, including a JetPeel treatment by Xcitech at the iconic Spa St. James, as well as hand-crafted luxurious fragrances and much more to launch your summer fun.

In the June Beauty world, this is a time of summer launches and there is a sense of fun that permeates many of the suggestions I have for you this month, beautiful.

So sit back, enjoy the read and be prepared to voyage through a series of June beauty adventures with me now.

The JetPeel Facial at the Spa St. James

Being a beauty writer and blogger allows me many incredible opportunities to try out and sample various technologies on the market that help to improve and refine the quality of the skin.

One of the many advertising agencies that I collaborate with, Blend PR, was kind enough to offer me the chance to experience the JetPeel facial treatment from Xcitech at the legendary Spa St. James.

This was an opportunity that I could not resist, not only do I love discovering and trying out new technologies that help to deep cleanse and refine the skin’s texture, this invitation allowed me to visit the truly renowned Spa St. James, located on Sherbrooke St West, adjacent to the Ritz Carlton.

June Beauty
This non-invasive procedure will have your skin looking absolutely radiant and refreshed. Photo courtesy of JetPeel by Xcitech.

The Spa St. James features lovely changing rooms with the most advantageous lighting possible for selfies post treatment, there is also a lovely lounge where you can enjoy and relax, pre-treatment or post-treatment, enjoy a great cup of soothing tea and let your mind drift as you relax on a canapé.

Each individual and inviting cabin is set up with a space for the client to get comfortable and deposit their belongings as needed, the rooms are appropriately relaxing and filled with dim lighting and soothing music. Perfect for rejuvenating and boosting your June beauty energy.

The JetPeel treatment by Xcitech is a subsonic jet stream that delivers tansdermal delivery without needles, pain or downtime. The JetPeel feels very cooling on the skin, the subsonic jet stream delivers each ingredient into the dermal layers of the skin, allowing the ingredients to penetrate more deeply.

June Beauty
The cooling jet stream illuminates the complexion and gives the deepest hydration application I have ever experienced. Photo courtesy of JetPeel by Xcitech.

The JetPeel treatment consists of mutiple steps, once the skin was prepped and cleansed, I was then ready to begin receiving the first coat which was a Glycolic Acid, then a neutralizer was added, then I received layers of Peptides and then Hyaluronic Acid to help plump out the skin and deeply infuse it with additional moisture. You can cater the treatment to your own needs, depending on whether you are searching to smooth, soothe, brighten your skin or clear out your complexion

The service was done with exemplary skill by one of the Spa’s most senior and most experienced esthetician and her touch was phenomenal. Though the JetPeel does introduce a high level of pressure to the face and is a truly cooling procedure, it does not take very long, approximately 45 minutes and the results are spectacular.

June Beauty
The incredible technology of this technology creates undeniably impressive results, in just one sitting. Photo courtesy of JetPeel by Xcitech.

The skin shines like glass, the reflection in the skin is unparalleled and my skin was luminous all throughout the entire day and evening. This is a wonderful treatment to boost your hydration and perk up your skin and complexion.

The technology behind the wondrous Jet Peel from Xcitech is truly incredible as it instantly revives and refreshes the skin, I can see why it is a favorite treatment amongst the celebrities in Hollywood and beyond.

Added to that, an incomparable visit to one of Montreal’s most legendary esthetic salons, the Spa St. James and you have a June beauty experience worth sharing and remembering. Book your appointment today, here.

Libertine’s Sampling Program’s Olfactory Delights

For those in the know, fragrance has always been one of my favorite beauty items, there is something magical about vaporizing yourself in a fresh scent that embodies a mood or a feeling and makes you feel more complete.

From my first introductions to the world of perfume, eau de toilette, eau de parfum ,scents and fragrances I was enticed and hooked, instantly aroused, addicted and intoxicated by the olfactory beauty that I could envelop around my person. I became my own scented fantasy, leaving an impression on those lucky enough to come into my fragrance-d company.

As much as I have always adored the selections offered by the grand beauty and fashion houses, there are always smaller brands and companies making incredible products out there and I love discovering these types of brands.

Libertine Fragrance is a Canadian company and the owner and perfumer, Joshua Smith is a truly gifted olfactory master; as he creates unforgettable and intoxicating fragrances that stand out from the typical offerings you will find most everywhere.

I reached out to Libertine Fragrance and they sent me the Eau de Parfum Sampling Program, an exquisite collection of sample sizes of the various fragrances that Libertine Fragrance creates, allowing the public to try out the family of fragrances to chose a favorite, or possibly, select more than one.

June Beauty
This sampler set will allow you to introduce yourself to an astonishing fragrance collection, made in Canada. Photo courtesy of Libertine Fragrance.

The scent Troubled Spirits became an instant favorite of mine, quickly followed by Gilded and then by Soft Woods and Sweet Grass. Each different perfume came with its own emotional state, the evocation of experience and emotion is undeniable.

All of the individual scents are hand crafted in Canada, these are vegan and cruelty free formulas and best of all the fragrances are gender-less; unisex fragrances that allow everyone to truly embrace their own emotional connection and representation freely.

To be fair, I found myself loving all 8 of the perfumes included in the Eau de Parfum Sampling Program by Libertine Fragrance, I especially loved how each fragrance is accompanied with an elegant card with the various notes of the perfume, so classy.

My greatest impression though came from the morning after, I often found that the fragrance lingered well into the next day, unlike many of the alcohol based fragrances that are out on the market today.

June Beauty
This brilliant selection of olfactory scents will awaken new scent possibilities, allowing you to discover a unique and stand out perfumer. Photo courtesy of Libertine Fragrance.

This Eau de Parfum Sampling Program by Libertine Fragrance is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to the work of a truly gifted, Canadian perfumer that has tremendous talent and a sublimely gifted olfactory sense to allow the rest of us smell and feel our very best!

Now that I have found my favorites from the brand, I will know which are my favorites and must-have bottles. This Eau de Parfum Sampling Program will transport you on a voyage of your senses and intoxicate you and those around you with the unique fragrances within. Orders your Eau de Parfum Sampling Program by Libertine Fragrance today and smell those lovely June beauty fragrances all over you.

Stylish Glosses You’ll Love For Summer

Launching on June 1st on the CLINIQUE website as well as Shoppers/Pharmaprix, a new fun collaboration is happening between CLINQUE x kate spade new york.

The beauty and fashion brands are joining forces to reveal a playful collaboration, revealing a colorful and playful collaboration that combines the vibrant patterns we all love from kate spade new york, with the incredible Pop Plush Creamy Lip Gloss from CLINIQUE.

June Beauty
Adorable, chic and playful, these limited-edition glosses are perfect for summer fun. Photo courtesy of CLINIQUE.

Available in 4 classic CLINIQUE shades, suitable on every skin tone, you will find these limited edition glosses available in the following shades; Black Honey Pop, Rosewater Pop, Airkiss Pop and Juicy Kiss Pop.

These are truly little collector’s items and will likely fly off the shelves pretty rapidly, pick yours up as soon as possible to choose the perfect shade for you!

If you’re needing a good blush to accompany your new lip gloss, try the CLINIQUE Cheek Pop Blush, such a gorgeous component with the most wonderful cheek color, read all about them, here.

Spray, Set and Forget!

As we head into summer and the heat rises, the importance of a high performance setting spray becomes apparent, between the heat, humidity and the pollution we encounter on the daily, the need to keep the skin looking fresh, post-makeup has never been higher.

Milk Makeup just released the Pore Eclipse Mattifying + Blurring Setting Spray and I have fallen in love with the finish it gives my skin.

June Beauty
A setting spray with no equal, this fine facial mist protects your makeup for up to 16 hours. Photo courtesy of Milk Makeup.

The Pore Eclipse Mattifying + Blurring Setting Spray by Milk Makeup is a weightless, alcohol-free, matte setting spray that will seal and lock your makeup in place for up to 16 hours.

As you spray on the Pore Eclipse Mattifying + Blurring Setting Spray from Milk Makeup you will notice how it helps to blur out the appearance of pores with its Pore-Blurring Microspheres and helps to keep shine under control for a soft-focus type of finish.

June Beauty
Set any makeup in place with this latest setting spray, hours of flawless makeup. Photo courtesy of Milk Makeup.

Featuring ingredients such as Lentil Extract to control the shine on the skin, it also features Bakuchiol, an excellent ingredient that does wonders to smooth the skin’s texture, Niacinamide which is an excellent moisturizing agent and diminishes pores equally.

The Pore Eclipse Mattifying + Blurring Setting Spray by Milk Makeup also comes in a mini size, making it perfect for throwing in a bag as well. As far as setting sprays go, this one is a winner and does wonders to smooth out the appearance of texture on the skin.

Vampy Lips for Summer

Pupa Milano makes some of the most adorable products I have ever seen on the market, if you don’t believe me, simply check back on my Holiday Gift Guide from last year and you will see the level of playfulness and fun that is present in all of their products, check out the past article, here.

The new Vamp! Lipstick by Pupa Milano comes in a beautiful selection of 8 shades and this plumping lipstick gives a vibrant color that remains true to shade on the lips.

June Beauty
This hydrating lipstick will plump up your pout and deliver long-lasting color that feels ultra comfortable on the lips! Photo courtesy of Pupa Milano.

The comfort level in the application of the Vamp! Lipstick from Pupa Milano is unparalleled, the soft formula glides on effortlessly and gives the lips a fresh dose of long-lasting color that helps to plump up the pout; for fuller-looking lips that look more defined and refined.

Not only will this beautifully packaged lipstick plump up your pout, it will increase the level of hydration in your lips and leave a gorgeous full color; the new Vamp! Lipstick from Pupa Milano is a stunning lip product that delivers hours of moisture and color, for a truly perfected pout!

A Gloss Glow Recipe

Glow Recipe is expanding its Plum Plump line with a new addition, just in time for summer. I love the recently launched, Plum Plump Hyaluronic Gloss Balm and I can attest, it is fabulous indeed.

I had previously gushed about the moisture infused benefits of the Plum Plump Refillable Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer, which is so refreshing and lightweight on the skin, a perfect summer moisture to supplement the skin with additional hydration without the heaviness of a cream. I actually wrote about my experience with the product, here.

The Plum Plump Hyaluronic Gloss Balm by Glow Recipe is a non-sticky gloss balm that will keep your lips deeply hydrated and leave them gloriously wet and enticing, for kissable, summer frolicking and fun.

June Beauty
Adorable packaging, high-performance product, no wonder this gloss balm rocks! Photo courtesy of Glow Recipe.

The Plum Plump Hyaluronic Gloss Balm features a stellar ingredient list to keep the lips looking and feeling their best. Kakadu Plum is a soothing ingredient that has an immense amount of Vitamin C and Vitamins A & E, giving the lips an anti-oxidant boost to protect and keep up the collagen production. Hyaluronic Acid is a trusted humectant will attract water to your lips, keeping them full and luscious all day long. Raspberry Extract which is once again rich in vitamins, is also rich in fatty acids which keep your lips hydrated and smooth.

June Beauty
Hydrate and gloss your lips all at once, the perfect texture to enhance your pout and pucker up for the summer season. Photo courtesy of Glow Recipe.

The Plum Plump Hyaluronic Gloss Balm gives a beautiful, glazing gloss-effect to your lips that feels comfortable as it gives the most beautiful sheen and glow to the lips, a perfect summer staple you’ll adore as we celebrate the return of the gloss with this impressive launch from my June beauty suggestions.

Social, Sun and Fun

I hope this story finds you well and stimulates a desire to refresh yourself and explore your inner and outer beauty. Summer is a perfect time to be social, to go out, dress up or down as desired and generally have a great time.

So get out there, gloss it up, try a new facial technology or support a local perfume artist who will change your life! Let your June beauty flow through you and with you.

Regardless of your choice, I hope this month gives you plenty of time outdoors to enjoy yourself and until next time, stay beautiful!



Lead image courtesy of Spa St. James.

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