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JULY CRYPTO CURRENTS | BEST Bitsgap Crypto Coin pairs (JULY 2022)

JULY CRYPTO CURRENTS | BEST Bitsgap Crypto Coin pairs (JULY 2022)

5 Bitsgap coin pairs Summer 2022

Hi crypto enthusiasts! Well… we are now in Summer, but someone forgot to tell that to crypto lol. They are still in the cold, harsh winter. It’s ok- we can still make money! Firstly I want to remind people that I am not a financial broker. I’m just a girl from Montreal, who is pretty good at trading crypto. I also want to encourage you to get financial advice, from professionals – like I did with THE PLAN by Dan Hollings. Before investing a significant amount of money into this volatile space. I personally feel that over a grand is “significant”.  Let’s get into each coin pair and why I chose them. Click To view my Bitsgap bots live.

Best Bitsgap coin pairs July 2022

Now remember that my advice is speculative and only for side-grid day traders. Specifically ones using the Bitsgap AI. These, in my opinion, are the 5 BEST Bitsgap Crypto Coin pairs for a good Summer run.

Render, is ranked #198 by my trusted resource Coingekko. This ranking is to help people understand how stable various crypto coins are. Anything under 500 is considered very stable by most. I will go up to 600, as I do not mind a bit of managed risk. What’s neat about Render is that it’s a unique solution, to a very common problem in digital production: Rendering! As someone who has worked in almost every form of digital production, I know how irritating it is to wait for a machine to render. RNDR wants to take that problem out of your hands! Enabling you to render in a patented decentralized metaverse rendering factory. Now how cool is that! Why July? Great average daily trade time.

You’re going to laugh but I have no idea what they do. I chose them because they performed so insanely well in my demo bots on Bitsgap and I kinda like the sound of the coin. I am now, as I type, going to pause and take a Google at them – come back and tell you about them…. ok… I still don’t get it  “TCAP gives holders real-time price exposure to total cryptocurrency market cap. It’s a new, 200% fully backed, fully collateralized asset that’s both audited and accurately representative of the entire cryptocurrency complex by total market capitalization.”  BUT I friggin love their site and branding. Cryptex Finance 

I was holding ETH initially in a HODL bot with BTC, but the progress was so slow, I kicked it out with trader-newbie enthusiasm and bought Solana wayyyy back in the winter when I was first learning how to day trade with Dan Hollings from THE PLAN. I always felt strangely uncomfortable about losing my ETH coin and was getting a lot of FOMO feelings lol. So, recently, I decided to grab a little ETH bot. Especially that ETH had recently suffered a new low, I bought the dip. In my opinion, ETH could either do 1 of 2 things. Totally crash after the full V.2 updates, crashing tons of other Ethereum-based-coins OR seriously moonshot in the next year or 2. Most people know about ETH so I wont bore you with detail.

Stands for Well, I wanted an AI coin so that’s why. But, another reason is that it pops up a lot as a volatile bread winner for day traders. I have no idea how this company is supposed to work, but I don’t care. I sort of wish they would rework their yucky super corpo logo but that is not super important. They offer tools to build Dapps (Decentralized Apps). Cool. I also own a dog, so fetch is relatable for me!

No idea. LOL. I am guessing it’s a coin based on a game where you farm and earn the token. Let’s take a Google and come back…
#546 on CoinGekko, it’s a fairly stable coin. Here is a bit about them: HARVEST CRYPTO. It basically sounds like a crypto commune of people making $ with certain coins in their ecosystem where you leverage idle assets like Polygon or Curve and then the $ made is split in a sort of crypto pool. It’s pretty cool, I feel like my nieces would love it, especially Eva who is a farmer in B.C.

My trusted crypto resources at a glance:
The Plan – Dan Holling’s Crypto school
Newton – for purchasing crypto from Canada (user friendly, fast and low rates)
Coinbase – As chosen exchange and storage, market watch and my Bitsgap API
Bitsgap – Day Trading AI, side-grid trading. Trades volatility

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