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Ice Cube Reigns Supreme | A Friday Night to Remember in Montreal

Ice Cube Reigns Supreme | A Friday Night to Remember in Montreal

Ice Cube Reigns Supreme | A Friday Night to Remember in Montreal 1

West Coast gangsta rap pioneer Ice Cube gave a rousing performance Friday night at Place Bell, the last date on his Straight Into Canada tour.

Ice Cube
The Illustrious Ice Cube blessed Montreal with a little tap on Friday, May 10th and it was Awesome. Let’s set the scene:

The year is 1989. Milli Vanilli’s “Blame it on the Rain” is the number 1 song… The Pixies jokingly ironic “Here Come’s Your Man” is blasting on the radio, Black Velvet’s ‘slow southern style’ is amping all the aunties, and amidst the progressive haze of adult easy listenings,  we’re discovering new players on the scene. Some NWA’s are Crip walking into the forefront of the pop cultural scene, telling children the world over to check themselves, because there’s nobody there to do it for you.

They are so high, you can’t get above it. So wide you can’t get around it. So low you can’t get under it, and like a riptide you have no choice but to do that shit, and you go willingingly.

A True Presence on Stage

Ice Cube

Ice Cube is 40 years in the game, he can kill at will at this point, and all we can do, is brace ourselves. So the question is, how was he?

In my humble opinion, he showed up in full force, and full form, with strength and power, inculcating a necessary antidote to pretty boy shit the world over. A lethal injection, killing any fake ass pretense you might have showed up with. The man hasn’t lost a step, and from his new shit to his youth classics, he owned the stage and presented us with a body of work that’s undeniable.

From N.W.A to Solo Hits: A Journey Through Hip-Hop History

With high expectations, fans eagerly awaited the iconic tracks of N.W.A, and Ice Cube did not disappoint. Hits like “Straight Outta Compton” resonated throughout the venue, eliciting enthusiastic approval from the crowd. But Ice Cube’s performance was not merely a trip down memory lane; it was a testament to his continued relevance in the ever-evolving hip-hop landscape. Tracks like “Until We Rich” and “Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It” showcased his lyrical prowess and commitment to authenticity.

Ice Cube

Ice Cube Keeps It Gangsta: A Night of Unfiltered Hip-Hop

Recently there’s been mad talk about a hip-hop beef, and yeah, it’s worth our time, but in the arena we were reminded that a silver tongue is best served with no Vaseline. We were free up, with our cups up,  and we had a good time,  it was a good day, it was a great night, it was a nice sway.

He kept it so gangster, shit, for a second, I felt I was gangster, I felt invited to be, I felt welcome to be… It was a reminder that no matter what they throw at us, we can kill it, at will.

Catch him next time, cause the man’s everything he promised, and we here at Best Kept MTL, had a blast!

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