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Thanks to goodfood there is no excuse to buy dep wine ever again!

Thanks to goodfood there is no excuse to buy dep wine ever again!

Thanks to goodfood there is no excuse to buy dep wine ever again! 1

Thanks to GoodFood, there is no excuse to buy dep wine ever again!

With Summer’s end in sight, everyone wants to be outside and no one wants to wait in long lines to buy their drinks. Many people also realize AFTER the SAQ is closed that they feel like a little vino but are now faced with the god-awful grocery store or corner dep selection of undrinkables… there is always that lazy party guest who will try to convince you that the corner store vinegar wine is secretely good, but one sober sip and you know the truth! Don’t trust that guest but more importantly DON’T BE THAT GUEST!

With GoodFood dellivering local wine and craft beer on demand, you can always order what you need last-minute and in half an hour or less.

GoodFood Wine & Beer
We already love the LACROIX pink cider, Dieux Du Ciel and The Orpailleur vineyards!

Luckily for Montrealers: Goodfood is expanding its On-Demand delivery service in Montreal to include local wines and craft beer!  The new offer allows Montrealers to enjoy a selection of cold drinks alongside chef-curated meals and inspiring products which are perfect for an outdoor picnic with friends and family. Customers can receive products right to their door in as little as 30 minutes, seven days a week between 11 am and 10 pm – no minimum purchase or subscription required.

Thanks to goodfood there is no excuse to buy dep wine ever again! 2
Their small yet essential collection of wine, beer and hard seltzer will supply any dinner or party!

We literally enjoyed this the other day. It was the perfect end-of-Summer Friday and our talented photographer friend Vik decided to go to the beach with our creative director in the passenger seat. She ordered everything to make nice classic Parisian ham & cheese baguettes and a refreshing discovery from the Pomone vineyard, with a very unique taste. It’s an orange wine. It isn’t made from oranges but rather the curious sunset color comes from the grape skin sediments. 

Lacroix cider
This is a week-day favorite. It’s a nice light drink for ending the day early and hitting the roof for a relaxing cider..

This expansion is part of Goodfood’s aim to take the stress out of meal planning and allow Montreal residents to enjoy without the hassle of dealing with what they’re going to eat or drink. We have been enjoying Goodfood already for lunch meetings, party finger food, dinner for 2 meal kits and of course groceries when you live in Old Montreal!

We have even catered to guests who had a sudden craving and were impressed that we could satisfy the craving so quickly. One of our creatives had a bad cold a few months ago and we sent them a healthy salad, Halls and ginger turmeric shots because GoodFood even has an arsenal of get-well-soon-remedy cold stuff. 

We spied some vendors we already support and love such as The Orpailleur Vineyard, Léon Courville Vigneron, Le Castor Brewing Company and the Glutenberg Craft Brewery, among several other breweries and vineyards.

Additionally, if people want something more globally known, they can have drinks delivered from brands such as Labatt, Molson, and Sleeman. Our Favorite wine so far from GoodFood is the sparkling wine from Orpailleur Vineyard. It’s a killer Summer bubbly, it reminds us a little of FIOL prosecco.

Check our instagram next weekend and you will be able to see a fun REEL of our wine & cheese tasting sponsored by GoodFood

Previously: For the love of cider, one of our fave distilleries Mckewon, and makers of BONE DRY GINGER!

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