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Crypto Currents News Flash: How To Gain MASSIVE PROFITS from Voyager Coin (VGX) Hype!

Crypto Currents News Flash: How To Gain MASSIVE PROFITS from Voyager Coin (VGX) Hype!

Voyager Coin

Have you guys been following the VGX Token drama? I sure have… it’s very exciting news for daytrayders. I’ll recap for those who missed the news. Firstly, to note I am not a financial advisor. This is just my own personal advice. O.k, so here is what has been happening with this intresting ALT coin…

Voyager Token
Ready To Join a Massively profitable Voyage with Voyager Coin? Fly while it lasts!

Firstly, here is the Voyager token. In a nutshell, from their white paper: Voyager offers high-quality execution and safe custody on a wide variety of popular crypto assets. Voyager was founded by established Wall Street and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to create more choice, transparency…

Below is my ACTUAL Bitsgap account with Voyager (VGX) in view. One needs only $500-$1,500 to purchase enough grid line orders to take advantage of this young mountainous graph. Ultimately, until a decision has been reached vis-a-vis their ongoing bankruptcy and their potential big business buyout, this coin will have a high ADT (Average Daily Trade Time) currently, mine is at 1.5% with the last 24H in Bitsgap strategies at 20.29%.

How to make massive profits off Voyager coin hype
Notice how crypto follows the news… this is my VGX investment as of exactly 24 hours. Notice, how the coin continues to rise and fall dramatically.

Voyager Digital filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on 5 July. However, the token has seen a massive bull’s head in the last few weeks following this announcement. One in particular, came from a mysterious tweet from Metaform labs which went viral: In this tweet, the tweeter noted that the trend aimed to:

“pump and stabilize $VGX + $VOYG,” after which it “will be moving onto the next phase: longevity.”

this and other rummors circulating in the Metaverse, led many investors to start pumping the coin. In the last week, VGX has seen an increase of 124% and no sign of it dumping anytime soon. This is also because a few major entities have allegedly tried to buy the token. When there is sudden good news in a coin, Holders, HOLD ON and investors pump in.

Let’s look at the last 7 days, from Coinbase:

The price of Voyager Token has risen by 97.08% in the past 7 days. The price declined by 5.21% in the last 24 hours. In just the past hour, the price shrunk by 3.13%. The current price is CA$0.702345 per VGX. Voyager Token is 95.72% below the all time high of CA$16.415761.

The current circulating supply is 278,482,214.186 VGX.

August 25th, we saw headlines everywhere like: VGX tokens surge as Voyager Digital attracts takeover interest from Binance, FTX – reports… (source Seeking Alpha)

What does this mean for daytraders? This is what I like to call “Mario Time!” Remember in Mario Bros. (the late 90s version like Mario Bros 3, when Mario would get into that exciting “Coin heaven” where thrilling muzak played while you jumped through lots of coins in the clouds? It didn’t last long. but you were able to reap lots of coins. THIS IS THAT.

Now. there are 2 possibilities for Voyager coin in the next 30 days. They do infact get a decent buyout offer and the coin pumps up as a reaction. OR, they do not get a good enough buy out option and they follow though with their bankruptcy procedures, which was we know will eventually lead to a stop trading zone (has already happened in June) and many exchanges banning the crypto (Like Luna!). So… this kind of gambling is not for the faint at heart. If you want to join the ride, here are some good tips:

1- Only invest what you can, I am not risking more than $1,000 US. -In the last 24 hours, I have earned $27US = $35CAN That is a return of 3.5% Daily with the coin bound to pick up and gain faster momentum. Now, those who may be reading, might be wealthier than me and able to invest more. Imagine then if you invested $10,000. your return would be $350CAN daily as each grid line would have 10X the value and so would the return.

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2- Monitor the news and your exchange news daily (because at one point they could email you to sell off the crypto and give you, your last dates to cash out.)

3-Move your profits quickly into a stable coin like USDT incase something happens to the Voyager Coin.

My trusted crypto resources at a glance:
The Plan – Dan Holling’s Crypto school
Newton – for purchasing crypto from Canada (user friendly, fast and low rates)
Coinbase – As chosen exchange and storage, market watch and my Bitsgap API
Bitsgap – Day Trading AI, side-grid trading. Trades volatility

In September’s Issue, Stay Tuned to find out what happened after 30 Days of VGX drama! Previously in crypto currents, August


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