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MYSTIC MOTHER | Fn Vegas Solo Exhibition at Galerie le 1040

MYSTIC MOTHER | Fn Vegas Solo Exhibition at Galerie le 1040

Fn Vegas

Drawing from a background that encompasses tattoo, music, theater, performance art and design, contemporary artist Natalie del Nox a.k.a Fn Vegas has channeled her rich experience into a full-time career in visual art, guided by an interest in the feminine as a mystical icon of culture and the gateway to taboo.

Fn Vegas
Fn Vegas | Bestialities – Ceremony | 2012

Following an extended visit to the little-known reaches of Mayurbhanj, India, in 2016, she returned to her Montreal home marked by the unspoken strength and grace of the women of the region, whose eyes held a potency sealed in silence.

Fn Vegas
“Thank You India”

In her new series of artworks, feminine forms of gold and copper emerge from the darkness in her tribute to women and the latent divinity that blooms through the miracle of creation.

Fn Vegas
Fn Vegas | Mystic Mother Blue | 2019

Inspiration presented itself in the unification of opposites; the feminine form adopting masculine emblems, as the sacred symbols of Pagan and Hindu traditions sprouted from a common earth.

Fn Vegas
Fn Vegas | Suspension | 2019

Nathalie’s own burgeoning pregnancy turned the experience inward, where a host of additional symbols emerged: hands in postures of sacred stillness; eyes opening to the miracle of awareness, the life-giving power of the yoni.

Fn Vegas

She therefore invites you to enter a temple of feminine forces where darkness gives birth to light, a multi-piece vision of East and West fused through the I of motherhood and told through the humble tools of mixed media painting and assemblage sculpture.

Fn Vegas
Fn Vegas | Auto-Portrait | 2019

Here is what you need to know about the Mystic Mother Exhibition

Date: Tuesday, July 9 – Sunday, July 14, 2019
Location: Galerie le 1040. 1040 Marie-Anne St E, Montreal, QC H2J 2B
Gallery Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday Noon to 9PM | Saturday and Sunday Noon to 6PM

As part of the week-long exhibition, 4 Special Presentations will take place to deepen the experience:

Tuesday, July 9, 7PM
Mystical Languages – The veiled meaning behind the art and symbols of the Mystic Mother, viewed through an esoteric lens.
A conversation between the artist and Gabriel McCaughry of Anathema Publishing

Wednesday, July 10, 7PM
Mon Ego et Moi – Présentation théâtrale sur l’ennéagramme animé par des marionnettes.
A theatrical performance with Mirna Rivera, puppeteer (French only)

Thursday, July 11, 5PM to 9PM

Friday, July 12, 7PM
Ceremonial Tea and Trance – Deep inner Archetypes explorations. Making the Unconscious conscious.
A talk and guidance seance with Ze’ev Evgeni, hypnotist

Site: | Facebook: @NataliedelNox | Instagram: @nataliedelnox

Fn Vegas
Mystic Mother Exhibition at Galerie le 1040
Photo credit: Fn Vegas

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