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Fierté Montréal 2023 Pride Guide

Fierté Montréal 2023 Pride Guide

pride guide 2023

Montreal, it’s time to join Fierté Montréal and celebrate Pride in our fair city, from us here at Best Kept MTL, here’s a little 2023 Pride Guide to start you off.

Every year, in the month of August, Fierté Montréal brings us a week-long plus celebration of diversity that empowers and highlights the true beauty of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

2023 Pride Guide
No bigotry or hate tolerated here, you know it’s a love fest when it’s queer.

There are a wide variety of activities planned, from outdoor shows and performances showcasing some of the best queer performers, to exhibitions, social gatherings and events, parties and lest we forget; the Pride Parade.

So let’s dive quickly into this Fierté Montréal 2023 Pride Guide and see what this year’s celebrations have in store for you.

Outdoor Events-Concerts

One of the beautiful things about Montreal Pride is that Fierté Montréal always puts together a wonderful selection of performing artists and musicians to give great outdoor shows, that create events for our community at large and its various sub-branches.

From live musical performances ranging from jazz, to soul, to pop, rock and more, to the incredible dance artists, comedians, hosts and various drag queens and kings and cabaret artists; your eyes will be continuously dazzled from the brilliance of the varied performers on stage.

2023 Pride Guide
Community Days are back in the village this year, click here for more information. Photo courtesy of Fierté Montréal.

Starting on August 3rd, until August 13th, there will be continuous shows and performances happening at the Olympic Park, as well as other locations around the Village and our city.

As a festival, it is well-worth investigating the various events and happenings to get the best idea of what events you’d most enjoy, consult the full program, here.

Drag Shows Galore

Drag has become such an important part of the entire 2SLBGTQIA+ community, especially now with the many bans on drag happening south of the border and even protests over our own Barbada. The importance of drag as an art medium cannot be understated, nor can its popularity.

2023 Pride Guide
Come show some love to Montreal’s drag queen with a heat of gold, Barbada will have you boogieing on Wednesday August 9th, during her exciting DJ set. Click the image to link to the event’s page. Photo courtesy of Fierté Montréal.

You’d have to live under a rock to be unconscious of the rising popularity of drag, as the drag phenomena continues and a whole new pantheon of celebrity exists; all thanks to the Drag Race worldwide franchise from mama RuPaul herself!

2023 Pride Guide
Our own local drag superstar Rita Baga hosts an amazing line-up of the drag world’s greatest international stars, expect to be amazed and blown away by this stellar talent! Photo courtesy of Fierté Montréal.

This year there are many drag artists performing in the clubs, however the 2 main shows everyone is expecting with anticipation are Drag Superstars, happening on Thursday August 10th, and the other show to watch out for is Majestix, happening on August 12th, both events scheduled at the Olympic Park.

The Drag Superstars show will feature such iconic and legendary drag stars as recently crowned queen of All Stars 8, Jimbo, Aquaria, Yvie Oddly and Montreal’s latest drag superstar Giselle Lullaby, just to name a few.

Drag Superstars will be hosted by Rita Baga herself and promises to give you a show you will remember for ages.

You can also come and celebrate your local drag queens and drag kings at Majestix, promising to be a dazzling night to remember. The stellar line-up includes such local drag stars as Manny, Petula Claque, Bambi Dextrous and more.

2023 Pride Guide
The Majestix show happens on Saturday August 12th at the Olympic Park, the Majestix show features the best drag queens and kings from our own 2SLGBTQIA+ community. Photo courtesy of Fierté Montréal.

Partying During Pride

This year as always, there are no shortage of parties, this is after all Pride; and Fierté Montréal has created a line-up of parties to satisfy your boogie fever and get you grooving all day and all night long.

From the outdoor parties happening at the Olympic Park, featuring an incredible roster of local and internationally celebrated DJs, with incredible talent and large scale shows; this year promises explosive parties of huge proportions to satisfy the party monster in everyone.

From the opening weekend celebrations to the closing dance happening on August 13th, there will be no shortage of different musics and crowds to celebrate with.

Regardless of whether you are lesbian, trans, gay, bi, non-binary, or identify as other; there are events that are made for your part of the wider 2SLGBTQIA+ community and everyone should feel welcomed.

Pride Parade

This year the Pride Parade is especially significant to our city, as last year’s Parade ended up being called off, at the last minute due to a lack of preparation.

This year, we remain hopeful and vigilant, awaiting a proper Pride Parade to showcase our true colors and celebrate life in this charming and culturally dynamic city, we call home.

2023 Pride Guide
The city’s annual Pride Parade is a moment where the community celebrates with the entire city and shares its joy and spirit for life. Photo courtesy of Fierté Montréal.

The Pride Parade this year will happen on August 13th, beginning at 1PM at the intersection of René-Lèvesque Boulevard and Metcalfe Street, the Pride Parade will then continue along René-Levesques Boulevard until it reaches the Village.

2023 Pride Guide
The joy and festive feeling of the Pride Parade brings a much needed boost of joy to our city, come join the fun!

For more information on the Pride Parade, look here.

Celebrate LOVE

Being a member of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community I know the importance and significance that Montreal Pride has on the existing and newer members to our community.

In a world where being true to yourself can come with a death sentence in certain countries. I believe it is imperative that we appreciate the rights we have and stay vigilant of our rights as citizens, and celebrate and shower each other and the world with as much love as we can muster.

2023 Pride Guide
Pride is a moment to celebrate and come together with members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ communities and celebrate life. Love is all we need!

Every human being deserves dignity and respect and love is love no matter what! So go out there and explore the festivities that Fierté Montréal has prepared for us and just relax and be yourself.

Enjoy Pride Montreal, much love!


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