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EURO-SPA | A Relaxation Center With Very Unique Perks!

EURO-SPA | A Relaxation Center With Very Unique Perks!

Euro-Spa - photos Dan Peres

Hot tip, wellness seekers! Euro-Spa is an expansive relaxation center tucked away in the Montérégie countryside. The property itself, is encapsulated within charming picturesque gardens, river and ponds where you can find the outside amenities like swimming pools and fire-burning wood saunas. When you first walk in, gentle aromatherapy and a mix of antiques from various eras are there to greet you, along with the friendly staff and owners. Right away we got a tour of the many amenities:

“Behind the pines” as they say! a secret relaxation center awaits! | © Dan Peres

Hydrotherapeutic cures with  essences imported from Europe: with mud, sea salt and different herbal fragrances such as lemon balm, ylang and vanilla, orange and cypress, rosemary, chamomile, lavender and many others… (Each bath is emptied every day)

Numerous hot tubs with different treatments are at your disposal and cleaned daily! | © Dan Peres

Water Circuit amenities: Kneipp tanks (cold / hot) alternately, good for leg circulation. Hot and cold water bathtubs. Indoor and outdoor pool. Nordic experience / radiant sauna. Turkish bath (steam sauna). 4 saunas with different temperatures. Chromotherapy room (with vibrating chairs!) Zen Relaxation room with foot massagers!

Euro-Spa Photos Dan Peres
This swimming pool and its uncompromising views, gave me the courage to jump in at 19 degrees outside! | © Dan Peres

We came primarily to test out the first robot massager in North America! With only 2 other models in the world (one in Switzerland and one in Lyon, where it was conceived). But after spending more than half a day soaking in nature, and various baths, we decided to write about the entire experience and come back 1 more time to focus on the robot massager with our wellness writer who happens to be a massotherapist!

Here, I took Dan’s camera and shot him getting a taste of an AI massage! | © Dan Peres

The iYU Pro® Capsix was invented in France by a robot engineer, a computer scientist, an artificial intelligence lecturer and a kinesitherapist. With just a few units circulating in Europe, America’s two leading massage robots have made their way north to Euro-Spa and Saint-Ignace-de-Stanbridge.

Did we like the robots? Yes we did overall, though we would choose a human massage given the choice.. We will actually be doing a much longer editorial just about the pros and cons of the robot in the next Euro-Spa editorial! Our highlight was that it has a smooth even-pressured-glide. Our 1 con is that, it doesn’t work a knot in the way a human thumb can. Rumour has it, the next models will tackle this…

Our “spa-tographer” Dan relaxing his snapshot arms! | © Dan Peres

We of course tried all the hot tubs! Our favorite was the mud tub, with iron rich clay. It was interesting to be a hot tub, where you disappear visually into the dark wellness of earthen minerals.

Everywhere you look inside Euro-Spa, is another antique! This makes the place feel cozy and nostalgic, something rare for a spa vibe | © Dan Peres

A pleasant surprise at Euro-Spa, was the quaint country style dining hall which can fit a large group. We loved that a lunch buffet was part of the half-day spa concept. Very often at a spa, one gets terribly hungry and is faced with either nothing or limited choice like a $20 Acai smoothie. The combination of hearty comfort food and healthy side salads, makes for a yummy guilt-free lunch. I must say, the buffet was our favorite experience because all hot tubs are enjoyable and all massages, but to offer guests a nice meal is truly the owners caring and wanting to treat their guests like family… When we were sitting outside having a glass of wine with the owner Joseph and hearing about how the spa came to be, we felt truly at home and truly relaxed.

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Spas make you hungry! Changing temperatures from room to room, tub to shower etc gets the metabolism going – having a healthy buffet really saves the day!

Now, you must be thinking that a country spa, with buffet and all these amazing amenities will run you hundreds of dollars, but think again! The price is right and it’s well worth every penny. You can check out pricing here.

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