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Get Your EDITION22 Etienne Boulay X Bugatti Group Genesis NFT Collection Now!

Get Your EDITION22 Etienne Boulay X Bugatti Group Genesis NFT Collection Now!

Edition21 NFT

Best Kept Montreal is proud to share some exciting digital collector news! This June sees the launch of a new EDITION22 Genesis NFT Collection at the Mural Festival from Etienne Boulay and his partnership with Bugatti Group.

Stylish bags designed for an urban lifestyle. Photo courtesy of EDITION22.

Montreal sports legend and icon Etienne Boulay, well known for his historical seasons with the Montreal Alouettes and his crucial participation in 2 Grey Cup championships for the Montreal football team; Boulay was later recruited as a member of the Toronto Argonauts, with whom he found another major sports win, by winning the prestigious 100th Grey Cup championship.

Hometown hero to fashion icon, Etienne Boulay’s style can be yours too! Photo courtesy of EDITION22.

Etienne Boulay‘s meteoric rise from locally-loved and born Ahuntsic boy to internationally adored sports star is nothing short of impressive, inspiring legions of his fans to celebrate his many successes over the years.

Fans of Etienne Boulay’s various social media accounts and proud owners of EDITION22 apparel are in for a treat, the newly launching collection of unique pieces will not only allow fans of the sports star to get their hands on exciting new, one-of-a-kind, fashion pieces first; all of these lucky purchasers will also be investing in the exciting world of NFTs.

Bugatti Group and Etienne Boulay’s fashion collaboration features a collection of unique and individual pieces to accompany the purchase of each NFT sold during the event; adding an extra value and collector’s exclusivity with the acquisition of any piece from this groundbreaking fashion collection.

One strap fashion bag for everyday living in a modern city. Photo courtesy of EDITION22.

Each NFT is an asset that has been tokenized by blockchain and has individual and unique identification and metadata to differentiate it from other existing tokens. NFTs have become new forms of investment and are considered to be unique pieces to collect and trade, as they acquire value with time.

Bugatti Group’s incredible collaboration with Etienne Boulay, EDITION22 is presenting a one-time release Genesis NFT Collection, where each NFT is accompanied by a physical piece, from an exclusive and completely limited collection of 2, 222 pieces; this collection features clothing and accessories with items such as t-shirts, hoodies, crewnecks and long sleeves.

Gender-less fashion bags that can perform various tasks in an urban setting. Photo courtesy of EDITION22.

Etienne Boulay will be on-site for this launch, during the Mural Festival on St-Laurent Boulevard, at the intersection of Sherbrooke and Prince-Arthur St. on June 9-10-11 and on June 16-17-18 inclusively.

Those lucky enough to acquire a Genesis NFT from EDITION22 will benefit from many perks and advantages making this unique launch a sought-after item for collectors this summer.  On site, customers will benefit from information on the world of NFTs, and once they leave they will be part of a exclusive select group, with IP rights, a point system per NFT purchase, commissions on all Web2 sales, exclusive access to future events and an outstanding 45% discount on future product drops and more.

The physical, one of one, exclusive EDITION22 Genesis NFT Collection will be shipped out to the lucky purchasers of this exclusive NFT collection from Edition22 with Bugatti Group, following the Mural Festival.

These bags and accessories are all made from vegan leather and they are edgy and modern, all at once. Photo courtesy of EDITION22.

Launching successfully in 2020, EDITION22 is a distinct and sharp line of bags, made from nylon, rubberized vegan leather and recycled materials.

EDITION22 is designed for those living an active lifestyle, the innovative and stylish line of products has a modern urban, practical and gender-neutral approach that make all of the EDITION22 pieces, highly sought-after, while staying affordable and accessible.

Designed for everyday life and keeping the urban vibe, these stylish bags will be you new favorite daily accessory. Photo courtesy of EDITION22.

During the dates of the Mural Festival, fans will also be able to purchase regular pieces of EDITION22 at the event, with cryptos or their credit cards and enjoy the EDITION22 feeling in person.

The Genesis NFT Collection from EDITION22 x Bugatti Group is waiting for you this June 9-10-11 and on June 16-17-18, an amazing opportunity to invest in an exclusive NFT, and line-up to meet Montreal-born football superstar, Etienne Boulay.

For a chance to acquire this unique, limited-edition collection, head over to Etienne Boulay’s socials, here. Otherwise you can purchase pieces from EDITION22, here.

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