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Dezign Zola | Wordly vintage troves

Dezign Zola | Wordly vintage troves

Dezign Zola | Wordly vintage troves 1

Every now and again, I discover something non-musical and then have to share it with the world. Often word of mouth is enough: “Hey, they have great lattes at.. ” and other times, I need to yell it my blog readers because I want them to discover it too! As most of you know,  we are creating a place about great music, awesome everythings and of course Montreal, our home town. Like Zola, we believe less is more. We are not into trendy mindless top 10 lists or celebrity fails and rather wait until the moment strikes us to share things that matter to us. Great music, great food and of course wonderful art and lifestyle..

Today, I would like to share with you a wonderful warehouse style furniture and decor store called Dezign Zola. The owner herself is a fabulous and well travelled woman named Sareka. She goes around the world re-purpusing antique wood, metals and importing wonderful hand made artisanal art. This is a curation of quality vs quantity. You will not find 10 vintage “looking” coffee tables here.. what will you find? you will find cute wood carved animals, industrial tables that lift with a mini pulley and crank, gorgeous lighting solutions from candle holders to lamps and tons and tons of revived old palatial, boat and door wood transformed into practical and gorgeous furniture. Here are my top 3 discoveries below! Design Zola gave us a shopping cart code too for our friends (and loft!) BANDMARK20 will get you $20 off anything you order over $100.


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