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“The Plan” can save your cryptos during the Bear Market with micro-Fluctuations | HONEST REVIEW!

“The Plan” can save your cryptos during the Bear Market with micro-Fluctuations | HONEST REVIEW!

How to exploit micro-fluctuations in Crypto to make 100s of tiny, profitable trades every single day – on Autopilot with The Plan!

This is a BONUS editorial for May due to popular demand regarding the online courses I took last Winter for my day trading crypto project. Cryptos, FRANKLY are crashing hard this month, there is no denying it. This hurts most for those in HODL, but it is a great opportunity if you’re newly purchasing the DIP and an unparalled opportunity for those of us crypto day traders who are exploting the micro-fluctuation of rapidly falling coin value. Learn about The Wiggle!

How To Exploit “Micro-Fluctuations” In Crypto To Make 100’s Of Tiny, Profitable Trades Every Single Day - On Autopilot, with The Plan!
This week, buying the DIP would be a good idea after the recent crypto crash, extending the BEARISH weather further into May

Cryptos can be quickly profitable but they do come with risk, so I strongly advise you do not try and go at it alone or just click on random “get rich quick crypto schemes” trust me on this one. I have friends and family who have lost their shirts getting scammed, lacking knowledge, or losing access to their crypto wallets! I will break it down in the form of an honest review of the 5 of biggest questions I had BEFORE I started and now, post-schooling, and how I feel about the program now.

Firstly, I am not a financial advisor or broker. You have to do your own due diligence and consult experts like Dan Hollings from The Plan if you are interested in buying/trading cryptos. You can, of course try other courses but I personally feel Dan Hollings and his team at The Plan are the leading experts in day trading crypto, and the crypto space in general.

The Plan promises that the secret bot settings taught have cracked the crypto code and only make profits, is this true?

This truth continues to baffle me. It is true, that if you use The Plan’s patented settings and methodology, the bot (Bitsgap Gold) cannot get the math wrong. At least with regard to today’s current crypto market, perhaps in the future other bots/settings will be recquired.

The bot has been programmed to buy low and sell high and will never get that wrong – especially if you are armed with the perfect step settings, grid range and trade volume % to look out for. Think of the worst-case-scenario math as always being $1 + $2 – $1 I have tried about 7 or 8 coin pairs now since I started The Plan’s online crypto school and every night when I go to bed  I do wake up to steady profit. Some nights it’s just $11 some nights it’s $298.

Now this doesn’t mean that the crypto VALUE doesn’t fluctuate. Some weeks, the cryptos are down and some weeks they are up. We are taught to pick the coin pairs that Wiggle the most, to maximise on Side-Grid. The one time, I failed to make steady profits was when I didn’t cash out a coin that had lost its WIGGLE.  You need to stay on top of your Average Daily Trade Volume.

How To Exploit “Micro-Fluctuations” In Crypto To Make 100’s Of Tiny, Profitable Trades Every Single Day - On Autopilot, with The Plan!
Bitsgap, will only make bot profit if you use it correctly. There are different methods, including the default settings – I like to use the settings taught by The Plan. There are many customer stories that prove that this methodology is sound

How long does it take to do the classes in The Plan and how fast can you get started investing?

It takes a few weeks, to be honest – I was having so much fun in their crypto school, the time flew past me. We were in locked down pandemic Winter so I would curl up to my laptop and take notes! What I loved was that, there was no dead air. They use the webinar time 100% and often went overtime answering everyone’s questions. Halfway through the classes, you get to invest your first 3k. This was exciting. We were advised to start with a HODL bot of ETH/BTC but I was more adventurous with Solana and jumped into trading for shorter-term gain.

Is it a hard school, can anyone get the hang of it?

The School itself is very straight forward and requires little technical prowess, but understanding your various currencies and fluctuating profits, still confuses me at times. I don’t worry about it too much, because the bot profit numbers are in the green and my wallet continues to grow, even during the crypto tundra!

What is the start-up cost of The Plan by Dan Hollings?

The first course, which is the one you really need to get started as a day trader is currently $3,497 plus the Bitsgap Gold basic membership fee for 5 bots. This is $57 – $123 USD/month depending on the membership level. You also need at least $3,000 to start 1 coin pair.

How much can you expect to earn in crypto profits while you sleep from The Plan?

That depends mostly on how much you invest! Your investment is divided by your grid lines, so you make incrementally more the more you inject into a coin pair. For this reason, if you are willing to invest $6,000 vs $3,000 DO IT – you will earn twice as much bot profit. You need at LEAST $3,000 USD to cover trade fees. I was only able to afford investing $3,000 at a time, and I have found the profits to be almost effortless and easy, but it does require a little set-up and maybe twenty minutes to an hour per week (I spend about 4 hours per week, because I am determined to learn everything I can).

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Provided your coin pairs are trading at a good rate, and staying in the grid lines, you do not really have to go wild playing around with the settings – you can let the AI do what it does best, make you money while you sleep!

Crypto servers are active 24/7 which means you keep making money while you sleep. This is true about all investing, but more true for crypto which attracts digital nomads and night owls who are trading at all hours of the day and night

Check out my bots here, in REAL TIME! Notice that even when the value is in the red, the bot profit is always in the Green! And the final answer, am I STILL happy with the school, 2 seasons later? YES. Dan Hollings & team from The Plan continue to support and educate us with FREE webinars and mini news reports, Coin Pair Research and Ask Me Anything Sessions. I feel totally supported in my crypto day trading journey and I strongly recommend this course ESPECIALLY for those holding a decent wallet of crypto now, but not benefiting from micro-fluctuations in the market via AI!

Bonus tip: Fitness Crypto is a thing. GMT.  I will be purchasing some soon! If you want to follow the start of my Montreal crypto day trader diary, go here.

Ciao for now and see you in the green lines!


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