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6 Covid Gadgets You Need Right Now

6 Covid Gadgets You Need Right Now

Covid Gadgets
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Take my money!

Everyone is truly stuck at home right now. This means two things: lots of free time and boredom! With stores being closed, online shopping is the only form of retail therapy available right now.

Browsing online stores for mood lifting covid gadgets during the pandemic has not only helped cure our boredom, it has also brought some nifty and useful gadgets to our attention.

Gloves and a mask are must-haves, but these cool inventions will bring your “pandemic swag” to the next level. Without further ado, here are some gadgets we all need in our lives.

The Face Shield we all need – Covid Gadgets Level 10

Covid Gadgets
If the pandemic lasts  (as more outbreak waves occur), you will want to up your mask game.

First off on our list is the COMPRESSMAX AIR™ – TRAINING RUNNING CYCLING MASK SHIELD. This sleek face shield is not just any mask.

It stops 99.5% of of dirty airborne particles from entering your lungs.

Additionally, it looks super cool. Masks are super important right now. By wearing one you protect yourself and everyone around you. If you hurry now you can get one for yourself for just 30$! But be quick, they are sure to be sold out soon!

Whacky head-gear? Yes Please!

Do you love Halloween? Do you wish it was Halloween everyday? Are you ready for some seriously fun DIY activities?

Covid Gadgets - fun masks!
If ever you wanted to walk around with a crazy mask, now would be pretty O.K

Then I have great news for you! has the coolest masks you can assemble yourself.

They come in all different forms! Animals, superheroes and even supernatural creatures. Not only are they FUN, they also cover your whole head protecting you from those pesky virus particles! 

This trying time has us all feeling down. Why not make life more interesting by going out in one of these? You will be protecting yourself, bringing out your crafty side and adding some fun into your life. Have kids? They will be sure to wear these when you are outside. They will probably even wear it when the pandemic is over! These masks can also double as your next Halloween costume! They are undeniably a great investment. Can’t get enough? Here is a video to help you further grasp this awesome concept:

Chairs are out, boards are in!

Working from home? Sitting on a chair for hours is dull and unhealthy. Don’t worry! Fluidstance is here to save the day.

Balance Boards are the new chairs.

Covid Gadgets - Home office
Work and life BALANCE you say?

Not only are these boards comfortable, they are also made up 100% of recycled materials. They are good for the environment and for you.  Change your life for the better. Order one of these chique boards today and stay strong, awake and healthy! It helps with your posture and keeps you strong and alert. Sitting on a chair all day has been proven to be bad for you in countless ways. Standing even burns some calories! With one of these boards you will be one step closer to a healthier life and better habits.

You will never want to sit again!

Cleaning Revolution – Sanityzr is the Covid gadget that will give you peace

Covid Gadgets - Sanityzr
Sanitize me baby

If you are someone who is determined to keep everything you touch virus-free, the  SANITYZER PRO is made for you! Kill 99% of bacteria and viruses with this portable piece of UV technology. All you have to do is hover over any item you need to clean. It is super easy and completely mess-free. Plus it looks like a lightsaber. Sanitize every inch of your home with this! Why risk getting the virus? Better safe than sorry!

No bottles of sanitizer required. Revolutionize the way you disinfect with this cool gadget. You will never need to buy any kind of sanitizer ever again!

Smartband by Slightly Robot

A high tech bracelet called the immunotouch, will stop you catching the virus by preventing the most important contact point there is, hands-to-face. With this Covid gadget on both hands, it doesn’t matter if your hands are super sanitized as they will not get to your face! I especially love this covid gadget because we unconsciously touch our face apparently hundreds of times per day!

Covid Gadgets - immunotouch
Look ma no hands… TO FACE!

There are so many great items out there that will help you get through these trying times! Whether it is a cool mask, a board to break your sedentary habits, or sanitizer in the form of a lightsaber, there is something out there for everyone. Cure your pandemic blues and make life a little more interesting with these great appliances and tools.

Know any more cool COVID-19 gadgets? Please do not hesitate to share them with us!

After going Covid gadgets shopping wild (even virtual window shopping counts!)  get your Paper mask on and groove to some of Montreal’s best Quarantine Streams by our in-house music curator & producer DJ Guapo!

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