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Cirque Du Soleil ECHO | A Refreshing Wish To Save Our Future

Cirque Du Soleil ECHO | A Refreshing Wish To Save Our Future

Cirque du soleil Echo

We were one of few media outlets to get an advanced screening of Cirque Du Soleil ECHO! It was the perfect experience to see these performers push their artistic and technical boundaries. It was also the first time, the magical big top tent in the Old Port, was once again alive with performance since the pandemic.

Cirque du soleil Echo
With no margin for error or missed tempo, dozens of flips propelled by human weight and flight successfully amazed us… Edmond Chung photography: Cirque du Soleil Echo

There was less of the typical circus trapeze and more digital, poetic and musical wonders in this crystalline set that evoked reflective arctic wilderness crossed with cubic escape room puzzles. The show was charming, exciting and full of audience interaction and lighthearted humor…

cirque du soleil echo
Will these charming twins be able to put their heads together and save the day?

Without giving away too much, our favourite scenes involved plain white boxes with echoing twins, white animal characters see-saw flipping in daring feats of flight and a really moving musical performance…

Cirque du soleil Echo
Minimal, moving and magical. Edmond Chung photography: Cirque du Soleil Echo

The Story Behind Cirque Du Soleil ECHO

A spectacular performance combining poetry, stagecraft, daring acrobatics, and technology explore the delicate balance between people, animals, and the world we all share. The main female heroine named “Future” and our charming animal & human characters discover that their choices have a butterfly effect and ricochet into the universe, much like an echo only to come back and push us into a new stage of our evolution.

Cirque du soleil echo
Future, the main character reads stories about evolution and symbiotic balance to the characters… Edmon Chung photography: Cirque du Soleil Echo

It is only through cooperation and symbiotic balance, that the characters will be able solve the cube puzzle, which is symbolic of saving the earth from climate change and extinction. Will the Cirque du Soleil actors and acrobats be able to save the world? You will have to go and watch the performance for yourself!

Cirque du soleil echo
A lot of the performances had echoing twins, creating a mirror effect which requires coordinated timing! Edmond Chung photography: Cirque du Soleil Echo

Tickets For Cirque Du Soleil ECHO

Where: Under the Big Top, Old Port of Montreal!
April 20, 2023 – August 20, 2023
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