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#ChefsÀEmporter | Foodie Event Delivering Canada’s Most Talented Chefs’ $50 GIFT CARD Giveaway

#ChefsÀEmporter | Foodie Event Delivering Canada’s Most Talented Chefs’ $50 GIFT CARD Giveaway

#ChefsÀEmporter, Chefs À Emporter

The #ChefsÀEmporter,  is a rare opportunity for foodies to sample some seriously top-notch gourmet nosh, delivered right to your doorstep. The event runs for 6 more delicious weeks. But each culinary offer lasts just seven days. Don’t miss out on any of these must-eat treats! Place your order early! More Info

BKM would like to treat you to one of the participating dishes! All you have to do is SHARE this blog to your FB wall and tag @BestkeptMTL Facebook with the hashtag #ChefsÀEmporter. We will choose a winner Friday!

The event is part of Sysco Greater Montreal’s “Keeping Kitchens Open” initiative. The goal of partnering with elite chefs was to unite industry players, create solidarity among chefs by supporting each other, working together to promote local restaurants, local farmers, locally sourced ingredients, Quebec culinary know how, and to get Montreal’s food scene back on the boil. 

To see the list of participating chefs and restaurants, go to Sysco’s social media page as well as Chefs Canada’s Instagram account, @ChefsCanada.

Supporting Montreal’s fab food culture has never been so scrumptious! 

This week’s pairing is quite special! It’s with one of the contestants on this season’s Top Chef Canada – Jae Anthony from Le Tropikal – creating a scrumptious sandwich for Gentile, starting today!

Italy meets the islands! Our Favorite #ChefsÀEmporter pairing that we are trying out today!

The dish will be available from Wednesday to Sunday! Name of the dish is Tropikal Sandwich – Fried chicken cutlet with caribbean spices, jerk sauce from Tropikal (Jay-Anthony’s restaurant). Mix between Caribbean and Italian cuisine!

Remaining pairings to come:

  • Thierry Daraize (chef and author) for Farsides (April 19-25)
  • Olivier Perret from Renoir Sofitel for Deville Dinerbar (April 26-May2)
  • Frédéric Dufort from chez Lionel for White Rabbit (May3-May9)

Participating chef-restaurant pairs to date include:

  • Antonio Park from Restaurant Park for Café Milano
  • Nicolas Dutertre from Chocolate Academy for Gentile Pizza Parlour
  • Marcus Sahou from Foiegwa et Fugazzi for Spice Bros
  • Gilles Tolen from Restaurant Henri for B&M Déjeuner
  • Joris Larigaldie from the W Montreal for 40 Westt

Take a tongue-travelling-blast with Le Cathcart. Who would have thought, shortly after its launch, we would face a global pandemic and a global resto lockdown. Stay strong resto industry, we GOTCHU!

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