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C2 Montreal 2018 | Day 1

C2 Montreal 2018 | Day 1

C2 Montreal 2018 | Day 1 3

C2 Montreal 2018 has begun and now the challenge begins to adequately express to you how a day of C2 can transform your view on the direction the world is heading.

There are moments where you gain a deeper understanding of the world you know.

In an interview with Craig Silverman, media editor of BuzzFeed and a known expert in ‘Fake News’, he describes the moments where BuzzFeed went from a media company that produces viral lists you love to read and share, to a hard hitting, truth seeking, investigative news agency that broke the story of a corrupt Chicago police offices who fraudulently imprisoned numerous people. BuzzFeed’s formula of separating these two sides of media allows it to remain as a purveyor of truth in the media by not abandoning their ethics and hiding its advertisements as news which is rampant in more traditional news agencies these days.

C2 Montreal 2018 | Day 1 4
In an interview, BuzzFeed’s media editor Craig Silverman discusses the shift from viral content to investigative journalism, notably exposing corrupt Chicago police, while maintaining ethical standards in a landscape where many blur news and ads.

There are moments where you experience creative interconnection of your society.

At Cookie, they offer you a treat we all love that has been baked by a random group of attendees who must interpret an idea or dream that was randomly pulled from a jar of post-it notes. What is the cost of a dream cookie? Your own dream. Drop your post-it note of a dream in the jar and hopefully it is selected by the next group of people to interpret it into a batch of cookies for all C2 to enjoy. I wonder what my note of Rainbow Unicorn Tears will taste like.

C2 Montreal 2018 | Day 1 5
Fun and games at C2 Montreal. Photo: Agnieszka Stalkoper for C2 Montreal.

There are moments that stretch your view of the world to come.

Migration is the brainchild of artist Mat Chivers. 1,500 people will squeeze a small lump of clay in their hands to create a mold of their grip. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will then analyse these 3D scanned clay molds to discover what knowledge can be learnt from the human grip. Commonalities, patterns, differences between the human hand will all be incorporated into an AI developed design that the artist will then carve out of a meteorite rock called Impactium. This will be the first work of art inspired by the collision of AI science and the human form.

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