Yesterday, we were invited to check out the 3rd edition of Dive into the Drift event at BOTABOTA. A few daring divers go to the roof of the floating boat spa doing spectacular high-diving feats off the edge and into the St-Lawrence river! The three elite divers do this as the sun sets gently into the Old Montreal skyline and amaze the spa goers, who are enjoying the festive tiny champagne bubbles on decks below or drowning their thoughts in slow warm jacuzzi bubbles above.

It was our first time there and we have extensive spa-going experience with Scandinave and many mountain spas to compare it to. With Bota Bota, things are pretty relaxed. They discourage mobile phones but allow discreet usage as they secretly want Instagram glory from their clients i Phoning the view from their chaises longues. The trendy fun and modern design is a Sid Lee advertising creation and can be recognized by the loud black stencil alphabets on the lockers. What are people doing at BOTA BOTA? Drinking or eating on deck, relaxing on a chaise longue or in the generous sized jacuzzi or taking selfies in the sun.  We saw 2 rounds of diving. The first round was classic double baramis off the edge and into the water 1 by 1 and even 2 by 2. The 2nd round was really crazy Cirque du Soleil style acrobatic performances. 3some acrobatics that looked like bird silhouettes dancing in the darkening skies. I enjoyed the hot tub too, but this did definitely enhance my jet lag and slept until noon today!

A lot of people avoid spending $ on spas unless they have money to burn, but one should consider this. Firstly, it has been shown in many studies that we tend to go through our “spending $” in the same way each month. Whether we decide to order a few drinks, go to a movie, buy clothing or go to a spa – we do end up spending the same amount monthly. Also, a spa may seem like you leave with nothing tangible, like you wasted your $ but let me remind you that the experience from a quality spa lasts days. A fun party night is generally LESS expensive than a spa sessions and leaves you with a hangover and empty wallet. A spa session leaves you feeling relaxed and uplifted for at least 48 hours or more. I am, now as I type, extremely relaxed and still enjoying my peaceful Bota Bota memories of watching the water and meeting other friendly white hooded bathrobes.