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Dry February GIVEAWAY | Best Kept MTL Partners With Défi 28

Dry February GIVEAWAY | Best Kept MTL Partners With Défi 28

Dry February GIVEAWAY | Best Kept MTL Partners With Défi 28 1

Dry February Reimagined: Best Kept MTL & Défi 28 Lead the Way with A Mocktails and Conscious Drinking GIVEAWAY

In a world where the allure of alcohol can sometimes overshadow the potential risks, the Fondation Jean Lapointe’s 11th annual “Défi 28 jours sans alcool” (28-Day Alcohol-Free Challenge) stands as a beacon of hope, encouraging individuals to take a break from alcohol for the entire month of February. At BestKeptMTL, we’re a platform committed to sharing Montreal’s best-kept secrets, and we’ve joined forces with the Fondation Jean Lapointe to raise awareness about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption.

Mocktail Espresso Martini! By Lyres Canada
We can’t wait to try this Espresso Martini mocktail! The nice thing about it is you can drink it at 8am guilt free lol!

The Défi 28 Jours Sans Alcool is more than just a challenge; it’s a movement that encourages individuals to prioritize their physical and mental well-being. This year, our goal is to raise $1,000,000 through individual registrations of $28 each, with the funds directed towards prevention and addiction treatment efforts. It’s a remarkable initiative, and it has attracted an impressive lineup of ambassadors, including Ariel Charest, Danny St-Pierre, and others, who are passionate about supporting this cause.

For Best Kept MTL, the cause hits close to home, as in 2019, we tragically lost our writer and chairman, Eric Nadeau, to alcohol-related issues. This heartbreaking loss underscores the urgency of raising awareness about the importance of moderation and responsible drinking, especially within the entertainment and media worlds, where access to drinks is everywhere.

With mental health issues spiraling at alarming rapid rates in Millenials and Gen Z, BKM also wishes to raise awareness about even moderate drinking’s effect on mental health. Weekly drinking  disrupts important neurotrasmitters that regulate mood and cause anxiety and depressive symptoms. Taking a month off of drinking helps even the moderate drinker reset their base-line mood to better evaluate their overall mental well being. Taking 90 days off is advised for the full benefits, but let’s start with Défi 28!

Défi 28

The Fondation Jean Lapointe’s Défi 28 jours sans alcool has gained the support of several prominent partners, including Cogeco, Metro, GURU, Énergie Cardio, and more. These partnerships are not only instrumental in motivating participants but also offer exclusive discounts to enhance the participants’ alcohol-free experience.

Additionally, at Best Kept MTL, we are taking a proactive approach to the message of moderation and responsible drinking. As part of our partnership with the Fondation Jean Lapointe, we are currently testing a range of local mocktail products in our office, as both owners and creatives have accepted the challenge. This endeavor not only helps our team make healthier choices, but it also allows us to identify and share our favorite mocktail options with our dedicated audience. By promoting these alcohol-free alternatives, Best Kept MTL aims to inspire others to explore the world of mocktails and embrace a lifestyle that prioritizes well-being and mindful consumption.

If you’re more of a social animal and want to go outside to get your mocktails, we’ve compiled a list of really amazing MTL cocktail bars that can whip up a mean mocktail to help you with your #DryFeb!

Additionally, to help people with alcohol withdrawal, alcohol cravings, boredom, loneliness during your Défi 28 – for the first 28 Days of February, we will be around our instagram @Bestkeptmtl between 8-9pm to chat with whoever wants to say hi!

*If you have been battling your relationship with alcohol or friends and family have suggested that you may have a problem, Fondation Jean Lapointe, can help. They have a great support network and offer free help for those who can’t afford rehab. If you are unsure if you have a problem, why not get a free evaluation from one of their addiction counsellors. We’ve got your back!


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