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Beat The Winter Blues With 5 Iconic Party Themes for Your Next Soirée

Beat The Winter Blues With 5 Iconic Party Themes for Your Next Soirée

Party themes

When it comes to throwing the ultimate bash with friends, most people keep things casual. They provide a basic assortment of food and drink, put together an hours-long playlist, and then let the night unfold naturally. But some occasions require a much more thoughtful approach, whether simply looking to stay occupied during the Montreal winter or bringing friends together to celebrate a birthday, party themes really take the bashment to a whole new level! 

integrating Party themes is a classic way to make any gathering more immersive and memorable. Despite what you might think, hosting a themed party doesn’t have to require hours of work—especially if you can recruit a few friends to help you set things up. For the most part, the difficult part of throwing a themed party is making sure guests arrive on-theme and with some enthusiasm. 

If you’re looking to take your Montreal house party to the next level, then start out with one of the theme suggestions listed below.

party thenes
Dress up and decor affect the mood of your party!


Casino Night

Who says you need to head to The Montreal Casino to dress to the nines and try your luck? A casino night is one of the most exciting ways to engage with friends, incorporating high fashion and games like roulette and blackjack. All you have to do is make sure friends know it’s a black-tie affair. Best of all, thanks to the availability of virtual casino platforms, there’s no need to set up table games and bust out decks of cards.

Instead, it´s possible to register with an online entertainment platform to access a virtual casino floor—and even interact with live dealers. From there, all that’s left to do is enjoy the titles available while dressed up to the nines.

Pool Party

Just like with The Montreal Casino, there’s no need to incorporate actual pools into your party. Instead, a pool party is all about crafting a beachy and summer theme. Many people also choose to focus on an era of pool parties, such as 80s retro Miami or Ibiza’s Ushuaia club, for example.

Here, it’s all about the imagination. Using elements like floaty decorations, summer-themed playlists, and fruity, blended drinks galore, you can curate the ultimate pool party—even if temperatures are plummeting outside.

Masquerade Ball

A masquerade ball is all about high society. While guests might dress fancy at a casino night, they’re even more likely to bust out their furs and feathers for this type of event. Be sure to mention extravagance is on the docket—but also provide a few extra masks for guests who might be a little too shy or lazy to bring their own.

The historical masquerade ball included plenty of formal dancing. If you’d like to attempt a foxtrot or a waltz, go for it. But keep in mind that there are other casual things to do, including classic party games like musical chairs and even a scavenger hunt.

Murder Mystery Party

Compared to other party themes on this list, a murder mystery party requires a bit more work and participation from guests. If you’re new to murder mysteries, you can find plenty of resources online that explain how to host a murder mystery, what types of themes you can choose from, and even play-by-play guides on hosting one.

Pay close attention to the theme of the murder mystery, as this will inform the rest of your party’s trappings and decoration. For example, you may choose a Wild West-themed mystery, which would require cowboy-era decorations, or even more kitschy ideas like an ugly sweater Christmas murder mystery challenge.

Graffiti Party

Lastly, let’s cover one of the most imaginative types of themed parties in the world: the creative graffiti party. Similar to murder mysteries, this type of party requires a bit more work from the host—but it’s well worth it. Pool together some money to buy blacklights or borrow them from friends, then ask friends to either sacrifice or purchase an all-white shirt.

Once guests arrive, pass out specialized blacklight markers or neon paint—or both. From there, enjoy the party and invite guests to write notes on each other’s t-shirts. The paint and markers won’t be fully visible until the blacklights are turned on later, revealing the designs scribbled onto t-shirts throughout the night.


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