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The Beach House Nosara, let’s take a look!

The Beach House Nosara, let’s take a look!

Nosara Beach House

Beach house Nosara was more than a vacation invitation, it was a unique opportunity to learn about this truly unique real estate opportunity!

Nosara is one of the last unpaved paradises of the Costa Rican coast. Nosara is both a  village and a district off Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. It’s known as a yoga and surf hub for the Pacific coast beaches like Playa Guiones, with its notably long surf break. It is also known for the rehabilitation and preservation of coatimundi, white-faced monkeys, and olive ridley turtles, who mate along the Playa Ostional, which has white and black volcanic sands.

Playa Guiones Surfer at sunset
Sunset Surfing at Playa Guiones is a 5-minute walk from your beach house!

Nosara is known as The American project, as it’s thriving with ex-pats who since the 70s, have fled modern America for the Pura Vida lifestyle. On a sunny weekend day, one can see bandana masked ATV and motorcycle riders kicking up dust clouds that paint the edges of the lush jungles along the main coastal road, Route 150. One must choose this highway wisely, as the smaller coastal road will lead you to a muddy river crossing at BOTH ends of the peninsula in the rainy season. Only a good 4×4 that is high enough can attempt such a crossing without getting stuck like a stupid tourist lol. We actually got to this crossing and even though we had a 4×4 RUSH, we were not sure how deep it was and were advised not to cross, so we turned back.

Beach house Nosara
Behind the gates of the Beach House Nosara is paradise!

As we were going to be in NOSARA for quite some time, we wanted to live like a local and rent an actual house. A beach house ideally. There were a number of hotels, Airbnb’s, and our friend Dave has a lovely place called VILLA TORTUGA but he was undergoing renovations to get his place ready for the dry season. We also wanted something where we could cook if we needed to, enjoy outdoor dining and really get a sample of living the Nosara life… We found such an experience at THE BEACH HOUSE NOSARA. A unique concept, as it’s both a timeshare real estate opportunity and a vacation rental.

From the outside, it looks small and tucked away— easily overlooked by passers-by, but once inside the gated houses, they open up into your own amazingly spacious and convenient beach house! There are only four, so they are very exclusive and quiet. You may run into someone at the shared bar facing the pool, but people are friendly and even take care of some of the stray cats nearby. A guest last there had taken one of the cats to the vet and got them food, so we kept up the kindness by feeding them and enjoying their company.

Beach house Nosara - teak paradise
Beach house Nosara knows how to decorate! Teakilicious! Who doesn’t love wood finishings….

The greeting is almost non-existent, which is deliberate so that you feel like it’s your place. There isn’t this big welcome routine that you get at luxury hotels, because the owner Rick, wants you to feel like it’s YOUR beach house in NOSARA. So, in that regard, the greeting is literally the keys and codes.

The Real Estate opportunity at Beach House Nosara

The Beach house Nosara doesn’t just offer people a dream vacation in Nosara, but it also offers people a unique real estate opportunity to own a beach house as part of a Co-op that earns an income!
The Beach House is structured as a member-owned Cooperative or commonly known as a Co-op. Your share of the Co-op is yours forever and may be willed, transferred, or sold at any time.

Why choose a property in Nosara? It is a prime destination to vacation and buy vacation homes. But who wants to deal with property management, renovations, and rental management alone when they can share the responsibility and reap the benefits with the awesome co-op that is The Beach house Nosara! This unique set up allows one to try before you buy! Before considering purchasing, however, do not be a naive Expat! Do your research FIRST. Here is a Guide of some pitfalls to be aware of.

fine linens at the beach house nosara
Only fine imported linens for the guests and owners!

Here is what you need to know to book your stay, or look into becoming an owner at the Beach House Nosara. Their website is very user-friendly and explains every detail about how it operates and has an informative FAQ page. We absolutely loved the Beach House, and we know you will too!

Beach House Nosara Email:

Costa Rica Phone: 506 8802-8866

From the USA: 888 330-0228




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