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BAZART | Bohemian Chic Resto + Art Galleries @ New City Gas

BAZART | Bohemian Chic Resto + Art Galleries @ New City Gas

Bazart - Moet et Chandon

BAZART sets up shop at New City Gas

Looking for an exotic escape while remaining safely in Montreal? Make a reservation and head to the New City Gas complex, in the heart of Griffintown, where a wide variety of chefs, artisans, artists and creatives have chosen to unite their different talents to create Bazart. Opened since early July, this hot spot offers four distinct yet complementary experiences: gourmet cuisine, open-air gallery, Canada’s first NFT gallery and artisanal market in a beautiful Mediterranean-inspired decor.


Meticulously designed to offer the best of Montreal to a wide audience, both culturally and gastronomically, Bazart is the result of a thoughtful collaboration between two Quebec-based companies, Produkt and Spkeasy, whose mission is to showcase many of the talents of Montreal’s culinary and artistic scene.


Gourmet Cuisine
As can be gleaned from their menus, the culinary art of Bazart specializes in mezze and charcoal grilled dishes. Inspired by the beach restaurants of Mykonos, Ibiza and Tulum, the cuisine uses the best local products to offer an original gastronomic experience. The concept has come to life thanks to a collaboration between their chef consultant Massimo Piedimonte (Mousso) and Chef Athiraj Pharsavath (Mercuri).


Open-Air Gallery
Open to the public and accessible to all ages, Bazart‘s open-air gallery, presented in collaboration with Station 16, allows a broad audience to discover the works of several multidisciplinary artists in a labyrinth-like outdoor space.


NFT Gallery
You may have recently heard techno-savvy people use the word “NFTs” and wondered what all the buzz was about. Well, NFTs are “non-fungible tokens” that allow digital works of art to be authenticated using Blockchain technology and finally make it possible to ensure the rarity and origin of digital artworks.


Bazart‘s NFT gallery, the first of its kind in Canada, presented in collaboration with 0x Society, pushes the boundaries of modern art in a meditative space.


Artisanal Market
A «bazaar» is above all else, a market where a wide variety of merchants and goods are available to the delight of clients. Bazart therefore offers a market of local craftsmen who offer various products inspired by the Mediterranean.


The new hideaway to get away from everyday life this summer, Bazart is definitely one of Montreal’s newest best-kept secret.

Guest Nour Khemis posing in Bazart’s beautiful main hallway

Here is what you need to know about Bazart

Location: 969 Wellington St, Montreal, Quebec H3C 1T9
Monday and Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday to Sunday: 5 PM – Midnight
Facebook: @bazartmontreal
Instagram: @bazartmontreal

Drone view of Bazart at night by Corentin JP
Captionless photos credit: Patricia Brochu | Bazart

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