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Award winning documentary | Into the light with Cité Mémoire

Award winning documentary | Into the light with Cité Mémoire

Into the light with Cité Mémoire is available November 6th at 9AM on GEM, November 7th at 7PM on CBC Television, and November 26th in French on Club illico. Download the Montréal en Histoires free app for a complete Cité Mémoire experience.

The ongoing pandemic has undoubtedly affected how we view travel. Our ability to simply hop on a plane of even take a road trip has been severely limited.  Well, what if we told you, you could travel and see some beautiful art without actually having to leave your home?

Step into the world of Montreal’s rich history and travel safely through Montreal’s rich culture with this formidable documentary on a brilliant exhibition exploring the city’s lavish past.

Cité Mémoire invites you to meet a host of characters who have witnessed the city’s evolution first-hand

The award winning documentary Into the light with Cité Mémoire directed and written by Janice Zolf offers viewers an insight into the largest permanent projection in the world.

Loosely based on Montreal’s history, the documentary presents viewers with a great look into a once in a lifetime project. Poetic and charming characters are projected onto historic buildings in Old Montreal. One of the projections features infamous Montreal singer-songwriter Leonard Cohens muse. An underwater dancer dives into a dark swimming pool and transforms into Suzanna, the muse for Cohen’s hit song by the same name.

The documentary film explores universal stories of race, poverty and history

An illuminated Suzanne soars 150 feet above the St. Lawrence river and into the night sky on the landmark clock tower located in Old Montreal. The elegance of the animation and its graceful execution stops amazed onlookers in their tracks.

Another animation includes the 19th century funeral of beloved tavern owner Joe Beef who had a reputation for feeding the poor. Circus players Les 7 Doigts de la Mains balance pianos and mattresses while he story of great Canadian hockey player Rocket Richard is told in a humorous way. The projection dissects universal stories of race, poverty and history, relevant in today’s virus ridden world. 

Artist Jean-Paul Riopelle on a renowned Canadian fashion designer, takes viewers on a trip behind the scenes.

Into the light with Cité Mémoire brought to you by the creator of other acclaimed films such as: Michael Bublé: Audacious, a short film, profiling the artist behind the superstar and Revealing Marie Saint Pierre, about the influence of artist Jean-Paul Riopelle on a renowned Canadian fashion designer, takes viewers on a trip behind the scenes. 

Discover the creative process of the $20 million project which has influenced other cities around the world to reboot their history through sophisticated technology and interactive art. The stunning documentary makes use of aerial drone shots as viewers are flown around the city and up close to magnificent projections located 20 stories up in the air. 

Michel Lemieux & Victor Pilon: creative process of the world’s largest permanent projection installation

Enjoy this magical road trip and let yourself drift into poetic, dreamlike and, at times, playful projections complete with music, images, and words. The very walls that surround us come alive and display tales bursting with creativity and innovation.

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Into the light with Cité Mémoire, documentary inspired by the night walk of multimedia projections in the heart of historic Old Montreal.

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