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Aqua La Vie en Rose x Bikini Village | Summer Splash Fashion Show Party 2023

Aqua La Vie en Rose x Bikini Village | Summer Splash Fashion Show Party 2023

Vie en Rose

On Thursday, May 25th, guests gathered at 3055 Viau Street, in Montreal, for Summer Splash, an exclusive fashion show party. Aqua La Vie en Rose, along with Bikini Village, unveiled their latest swimwear collections – a sight that caused waves of excitement among attendees. This inaugural event, supported by mmode, celebrated not just the launch of new trends, but also the opening of the expansive new head office of La Vie en Rose, a space that’s as grand and visionary as the collections it housed.

Vie en Rose
© Genevieve PM Roy | @genevievepmroy

La Vie en Rose‘s CEO, François Roberge, couldn’t hide his pride. He praised the team’s audacity and creativity, both evident in their creation of these remarkable collections. From bright hues to daring cuts, every piece in the Aqua la Vie en Rose and Bikini Village collections embraced boldness, capturing the spirit of the summer season in over 225 unique designs.

Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose‘s collection is nothing short of a riot of color and creativity. With reversible florals and retro stripes, each design sings of warmth, sunshine, and a palpable sense of well-being. This is summer encapsulated, a wardrobe that speaks of carefree beach days and warm summer nights. Bright and invigorating, the collection boasts an effervescence that resonates with the joyous vibe of the season.

Vie en Rose

Sophie Rozon, Director, Marketing Strategy and Communications, couldn’t have put it better when she likened the collection to an “energizing, invigorating wave”. Every piece conjures an image of summer joy, a testament to the designers’ skill and imagination.

Vie en Rose

On the other side of the style spectrum, Bikini Village presented a dazzling array of swimwear. Embossed fabrics stood out, with ribbed and waffle designs taking center stage. Cut-out swimwear and floral patterns – a true summer staple – graced the runway, offering an extraordinary variety in terms of comfort, fit, style, and color.

Vie en Rose

But it wasn’t just women who were treated to a feast of fashion. Men’s swimwear also made a splash at the event. Inspired by current trends, Bikini Village offered a collection of mid-thigh swim shorts, in both cheery and sophisticated colors. Perfect for a boat trip, a beach visit, or a pool day, these pieces featured light, breathable fabrics adorned with playful motifs – from foliage and flowers to palm trees and adorable animals.

Vie en Rose

In the end, La Vie en Rose and Bikini Village didn’t just unveil collections; they showcased an artful fusion of creativity and audacity. With each piece celebrating the impending summer season in its own unique way, it was a truly special occasion that left all attendees eagerly anticipating the sunny days ahead. With delicious oysters, fine wines and refreshing cocktails; the grandeur of the venue, coupled with the captivating collections, set a high bar for future fashion events in Montreal.

Vie en Rose
VIP guest Jenny | @jennyofficiell

The swimwear collections from La Vie en Rose and Bikini Village are now available, ensuring that Montreal’s style-conscious individuals will be dressed to impress for the summer season. So let’s embrace the sun-soaked days ahead with these radiant collections, because this summer, Montreal is set to shine.

Video credit: © Farline @farline_magazine

About La Vie en Rose and Bikini Village

Founded in 1985, La Vie en Rose has established itself as a Canadian leader in lingerie and swimwear since its acquisition by François Roberge, his wife Lina Di Liello and his brother-in-law John Izzo in 1996. The Montreal-based company, which employs over 4,500 people, has nearly 400 boutiques worldwide – including 280 stores in Canada – and brings together two distinct brands, la Vie en Rose and Bikini Village.

La Vie en Rose is for people looking for quality underwear, lingerie, loungewear, sleepwear, swimwear and beachwear at affordable prices. Bikini Village is the destination of choice for an exceptional selection of swimwear, beachwear and high-end accessories for women and men. Bikini Village collaborates with over 100 renowned international brands. La Vie en Rose is a true Canadian success story. Since 2004, it has continued to expand with 105 boutiques in 20 countries.

Facebook: @lavieenrose | @bikinivillage
Instagram: @lavieenrose | @bikinivillage
Website: |

Vie en Rose
François Roberge and his wife Lina Di Liello

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