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APRIL Crypto Currents | A Montreal Crypto Day Trader Diary

APRIL Crypto Currents | A Montreal Crypto Day Trader Diary

APRIL Crypto Currents | A Montreal Crypto Day Trader Diary 1

A Montreal Crypto Day Trader Diary!

Disclaimer: I am not a certified financial advisor or broker. Do your own due diligence before investing in anything and consult professionals. At the end of this blog, I list some resources to educate you on day trading cryptos with the The Plan. (The online school, I myself went to this past winter.)

I legit just woke up. I stumble to the coffee machine and bang out a cappuccino while bunching my long blonde hair into a pony tail, sporting tropical silk pyjamas and pink heart shaped sunglasses (not exactly the look you would expect for a cryptocurrency daytrader!). Statistically, most daytraders are men. This is not that unusual, because IT is male dominated. I’ve gotten pretty far ahead in these boys rooms, regardless.

Yay for girls in crypto. So once the caffeine is starting to fire up some neurons, I go to my desktop or a café in my hood and login to my Bitsgap, my trustee automatic daytrading crypto AI! Bitsgap has been coded by the best day traders and software engineers to replace the need to manually conduct BUY and SELL orders whether market or limit.

Montreal Crypto Day Trader
Busting the dumb blonde myth with my Montreal Crypto Daytrader Diary! 1 profitable coin at a time ;)

How Does it do this?

Predictive graphs, statistical math, learning programs that keep evolving/improving the odds of profit. Bitsgap can’t work alone though, you need to know what you are doing and to set up your coin pairs and day trading settings. This platform is very high-level and has been reviewed as one of the best line of crypto trading bots, with smart algorithmic orders, portfolio & demo-mode trading – everything you need to easily manage your crypto assets within a single interface.

Montreal Crypto Day Trader
With Bitsgap, your AI buys for 0.15 cents and sells at 0.20. You make micro profits every few minutes which add up over time. Patience is key!

How Did I Get Here?

Crypto colleagues (Like Joel from DAAM), have been nagging me to buy cryptos for years, whenever there has been a dip (what looks like a mountain valley, in a trading graph). Finally, this year, I accepted the pure admin hell of getting onto some exchanges: Coinbase, Binance… and started buying coins purely on names that I like lol.

Within days, I saw I could trade them for more bullish coins and turn a profit. I assumed this profit was typical of crypto newbies- but found out quickly that my 300% increase in less than a month was beginners luck or I had a gift.

I spent another month ruling out fate vs skill and was able to make 26% more and during a very rock bottom time for cryptos, the bearish winter… a week later, I told my mom and by chance, one of her wellness gurus had gone to a crypto school based in AZ but popular in California called The Plan, and the teacher is Dan Hollings.

I went to a webinar to see if this made sense for me, slept on it, enrolled the next day and signed the NDA. The Plan contains a lot of secret sauce patented and proprietary stuff… and that’s partly what has given me the edge and advantage I have in having taken my manual trading over to AI.

Montreal Crypto Day Trader
Crypto has a steep learning curve, but once you understand it and how to hold & trade it, you can secure your financial future!

Is Trading Cryptos Gambling?

Montreal Crypto Day Trader
Don’t lose your shirt trying to predict a Moonshot! Invest wisely by educating yourself on Day trading cryptos FIRST.

No. In Gambling, “the house” (Physical casino or online) owns everything that is risked and managed by the gambler. While investing or trading cryptos, is managing risk against the stock market. Both carry the potential for quick and easy profits as well as rapid and sudden losses. Both increase dopamine levels in the brain, during speculative purchasing as well as when you hit a jackpot or moonshot – and they cause dopamine crash should you lose all. Why does this matter? Because a realiable daytrading AI makes all the difference in risk management.

Firstly, it doesn’t make emotional decisions – it relies on hard cold MATH. Secondly, it wont hijack your time in risk assessment in the way manual gambling or crypto trading will. In my opinion, if you have a gambling bug, daytrading cryptos with a solid software is much lower risk and in many cases reaps long-term rewards. So far, with the tricks of the trade that I’ve learned from Dan Hollings, my Montreal crypto day trader journey has had ups and downs, learning curves, but at the end of the day – only pure profits!

Is It A Lot Of Work To Become A Crypto Daytrader?

Montreal Crypto Day Trader
Leaning about crypto trading should be fun and exciting, if it’s scary and confusing – this might not be the right fit!

That depends. I was already deeply immersed in IT, so digital currency was not a technology learning curve. My ability to pick up virtually any software gave me an advantage. Not to discourage anyone, but I’m not sure I would go down this route if I wasn’t already web-saavy. There is a TON to learn BEFORE the exciting stuff happens and a hellish amount of Admin hoops and red tape. That being said, there are many crypto day traders all over Youtube who barely used a computer prior. I chose the path of online schooling, which was both expensive and convenient.

I have finished the program but our teacher and his staff continue to support us. It took a few weeks of school to get to the investment fun and I am still learning. I would say I am pretty advanced in my overall knowledge as I had an immediate knack for this field and my brain just ate up the courses and homework like kid’s cereal!

Now that I know how to be a crypto day trader it is no longer a lot of work. All I do is find a good time to buy a coin pair, purchase it from my crypto exchanges (I use Binance Global and Coinbase, soon to add Kucoin) trade it into what I need once in Bitsgap, program my settings (I use Dan Holling’s secret sauce here!) and let the bot profits begin! The most exciting is the first night, wondering how my coin pair will do.

Did you enjoy this Montreal Crypto Day Trader Diary? If so stay tuned for MAY’s Crypto Currents where I reveal my secret oracle of coins to buy, trade and hold and other saucy tips! People keep asking me where & how I learned how to Day Trade Cryptos.  I have researched far and wide for the best online crypto school and I found them. The course is called The Plan, and it’s taught by Dan Hollings.  There, I learned all about how to make multiple micro-profits while I sleep because of The Wiggle Factor.  If you are curious to see a Webinar Replay, take a look and see if it’s something that could help you with your financial goals.

Until then Stay safe & see you in the green lines ;) -Foxylee

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