The 5th Annual Lolë White Tour is on again, August 12th in the Old Port of Montreal.

Get prepared to treat your body and mind for a moment of peace with the Lolë White Tour. There is something powerful in a large gathering of yogis breathing together and moving in unison. The magic happens when good intentions are set on the mat. Gandhi said it best”Be the change you want to see in the world”.
This day-long event is dedicated to meditation, yoga, music and the power of community. Since the Lolë White Tour launch in 2012 at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium, the event has taken place in over 60 cities and 4 countries.
The Lolë team has sought out some breath taking locations around the globe with diverse themes. The unique places were in the Utah State Capitol in 2013; the 2014 Museums Tour; 2015 Parks Tour; 2016 beneath the setting sun tour. This year is dedicated to the power of community and to wellness.
Lolë White Tour

This year, Lolë White is dedicated to the power of community and to wellness. 

Reserve your spot on the Mat here (insert link here). Whether you are a yogi or not, anyone can do yoga. It’s about finally listening to your body and quiet the mind through gentle movements focused on breath. Taking a step into a ritual of wellness. This Saturday in the Old Port, bring comfortable white clothing–as it represents peace.
At Lolë, their mission is to encourage, motivate and bring people together.